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September 06, 2022 T&S Newsletter

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Pornhub booted off Instagram after complaints from anti-sexual exploitation group

Christian Post | September 05, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media

A nonprofit that advocates against sexual exploitation praised Instagram’s reported decision to suspend Pornhub, citing the move as proof that the social media company acknowledges the severity of the accusations against the MindGeek-owned platform.

As the National Center on Sexual Exploitation reported on Saturday, the Meta-owned platform removed Pornhub's account followed by over 13 million with over 6,200 posts. While the account didn't share pornographic content, it promoted pornography and encouraged users to become pornography performers.

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What is Kiwi Farms, the forum a streamer blames for harassment that prompted her to leave Canada?

CBC | September 05, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media

Software developer and transgender activist Liz Fong-Jones remembers how unsafe she felt the first time she says she was harassed by users of American internet forum Kiwi Farms in 2017.

"I was worried for my life that someone was going to turn up with a gun and shoot into my bedroom," she told Day 6's Saroja Coelho.

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Alpha Tauri defends Red Bull F1 strategist after online abuse

Channel News Asia | September 06, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media

Red Bull-owned AlphaTauri condemned "accusations of foul play" against the Formula One team and Red Bull's head of strategy after Japanese driver Yuki Tsunoda's retirement in Sunday's Dutch Grand Prix led to online abuse.

Tsunoda triggered a virtual safety car (VSC) when he stopped by the side of the track, an incident that ultimately helped Red Bull's race winner and runaway championship leader Max Verstappen.

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Online reviews are riddled with fake posts and scams

Channel News Asia | September 06, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media

POOLE, England: It’s a crime story fit for the digital era. It was recently reported that a number of restaurants in New York had been targeted by Internet scammers threatening to leave unfavorable “one-star” reviews unless they received gift certificates.

The same threats were made to eateries in Chicago and San Francisco and it appears that a vegan restaurant received as many as eight one-star reviews in the space of a week before being approached for money.

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Coalition targets TikTok, WeChat and Didi amid growing privacy concerns | September 05, 2022

Company Listed: TikTok

Chinese-owned apps TikTok, Didi and WeChat are being targeted by the Coalition over concerns they may be harvesting users’ data which could be used for foreign interference.

The Opposition is seeking to revive its online Privacy Bill and has accused the Albanese government of failing to take the issue seriously enough.

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Instagram fined €405m over children's data privacy

NY Times | September 06, 2022

Company Listed: Instagram

Meta was fined roughly $400 million for breaking European Union data privacy laws for its treatment of children’s data on Instagram, the latest in a series of steps by authorities in Europe and the United States to crack down on what information is collected and shared by companies about young people online.

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission said it decided on Sept. 2 to impose what would be one of the largest fines to date under the General Data Protection Regulation, or G.D.P.R., the four-year-old European data privacy law that has been criticized for being weakly enforced.

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California Passes Bill for Social Media Protections For Minors

Mondaq | September 05, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media

California's bill would require companies that provide online services or products "likely to be accessed by children" – defined as any individual under the age of 18 – to adhere to heightened privacy and data protection standards.

The California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act, A.B. 2273, passed in the California Legislature. The bill is expected to be signed by the Governor and go into effect July 1, 2024.

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EU institutions are working on legislation to crack down on online political advertising and its effects on elections ahead of the European Parliament elections in 2024.

Brussels Times | September 05, 2022

Company listed: Social Media

Political advertising is accused of being used to influence political debates and ultimately to win voters. While Member States have laws that govern political advertising offline, these vary from country to country. Online there are few restrictions, and this has given political actors carte blanche to invest in political ads on social media platforms.

Now, the European Parliament is working on a draft that aims "to combat disinformation, information manipulation as well as interference in our elections," the Parliament's lead negotiator Sandro Gozi (from the liberal Renew Europe group) told The Brussels Times. At stake is how elections are run and the democratic process in the EU.

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Outreach & Partnerships Manager, Global Programs - Trust & Safety

TikTok | Mountain View, CA, USA

Posted: September 06, 2022

  • 7 years of experience in business, partnerships, communications, or program management.

  • Excellent communicator in written and verbal form across both technical and non-technical.

  • Experience planning and leading strategic initiatives

  • Deep understanding of technology, Internet, social media and/or platform content issues.

  • Ability to think both strategically and tactically, and to thrive in a fast-paced environment.

  • Understanding of major social issues related to tech (e.g., ethics, human rights).

  • Experience working cross-functionally with teams such as policy, legal, operations, global.


What is T&S?

Great question (and one the industry hasn’t fully agreed upon). Think of Trust & Safety as the organization that protects social media and Big Tech companies and users from online abuse. As long as users are able to generate content online, time has told us that a minority of these users will create content that is offensive, scandalous, fraudulent, disingenuous, misinformative, hateful, spiteful, and harmful. T&S fights this with flexible policies, resilient operations, and informed detections.