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Indian outlet on defensive after its explosive claims of Meta political censorship

The Washington Post | October 18, 2022

Company Listed: Meta, Instagram, Facebook

NEW DELHI — Last week, The Wire, a small but gutsy Indian news outlet, seemed to land one explosive punch after another on Meta, the social media giant that owns Instagram and Facebook.

The California company had given an influential official from India’s ruling party the extraordinary power to censor Instagram posts that he didn’t like, The Wire reported, citing a document leaked by a Meta insider. A day later, The Wire reported that Meta executives were scrambling to find the mole who leaked the story, citing a new internal email the publication had obtained.

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Google employees joked about how ‘Incognito mode’ is ‘not truly private’

New York Post | October 17, 2022

Company Listed: Bloomberg, Google

Google employees cracked jokes about the Chrome browser’s “Incognito mode” and criticized the company for not living up to its users’ expectations for privacy, according to a series of internal communications unearthed in court.

In one 2018 chat, a Google engineer proposed changing Incognito mode’s icon to “Guy Incognito,” a character from the Simpsons known for looking identical to protagonist Homer Simpson except for a mustache, according to court documents reported by Bloomberg.

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How to Tackle Cyberthreats in the Metaverse

Information Week | October 18, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media

The metaverse is a new reality and a platform that brings both opportunities and challenges. Today's cybersecurity threats are likely to persist in this new era, presenting a multivalent and challenging threat landscape, which will in turn require robust and innovative security solutions.

To develop security solutions tailored to threats arising from metaverse ecosystems, organizations must work with their IT leaders, CISOs, and CIOs to continuously develop new security strategies and identify the current threat landscape.

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Social media loses ground on abortion misinformation

Axios | October 18, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media

Big Tech platforms are blocking abortion-pill distribution information and permitting false narratives about abortion to spread, more than 100 days after the Supreme Court's ruling overturning a constitutional right to abortion.

Why it matters: Social media firms were caught flat-footed by that sudden change in the legal and informational landscape at a time when there's an overwhelming, sudden need for solid information and access to healthcare services online.

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