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March 30, 2022 T&S Newsletter

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Australian Celebrities Say Facebook Didn’t Do Enough To Stop Crypto Scams. The Government Agrees.

Forbes | Mar 29, 2022

Company Listed: Facebook

Andrew Forrest, Australia’s second-richest person, says he tried for years to get Facebook to act as photos of him were plastered across false advertisements on the social media platform, luring users into crypto scams. As consumers duped of thousands of dollars contacted him to complain, Forrest was having no success trying to get Facebook to remove the ads, he says, and an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg went without response. “Meanwhile innocent Australians…kept investing under my name,” says Forrest, the founder and chairman of Fortes cue Metals Group.

Forrest filed what’s called a “private prosecution” against Meta – Facebook’s new corporate name – under Australian law, which permits individuals to file criminal complaints against other individuals or companies. In the complaint, Forrest alleges that the company’s actions ran afoul of Australian anti-money laundering laws because it didn’t take sufficient steps to stop criminals from using its platform to defraud Australian users with scam ads. A month later, the Australian government agency, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, echoed his claims in a separate lawsuit, alleging that the social media giant engaged in false, misleading or deceptive conduct by publishing the fake ads.

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Hackers use Telegram, websites to promote malicious crypto wallets: Eset researchers

Indianexpress | Mar 29, 2022

Company Listed: Telegram

The influx of new investors in the crypto space has given cyber criminals new opportunities to target unsolicited individuals. Security researchers with Eset have uncovered 40 copycat of well-known cryptocurrency wallets. These crypto wallets hide malicious trojans inside them engineered to steal all your crypto assets.

These malicious apps were able to steal victims’ secret seed phrases (passcodes used to access crypto wallet) by impersonating Coinbase, imToken, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Bitpie, TokenPocket, or OneKey.

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As Artificial Intelligence Accelerates, AI for Children Toolkit Puts Youth First

Miragenews | Mar 30, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media

San Francisco, USA, 29 March 2022 – The World Economic Forum published the “AI for Children Toolkit” to encourage companies to build innovative and responsible AI to better protect children and youth. The toolkit is intended to help make sure that the AI is designed, developed, and deployed in a way that respects the rights of children and has a positive impact in their lives. It includes a checklist with actionable frameworks and real-world guidance for companies, as well as a guide for parents and guardians to better understand the benefits and risks of AI.

“The future will be full of uses of AI and so it is essential that children and the adults who care for them prepare them for that future,” said Kay Firth-Butterfield, Head of AI and Machine Learning at the World Economic Forum. “They need to learn what AI can do and how it is used in society, but they also need to learn from AI enabled machines. New generations of children are unique in that AI will accompany them throughout their lifetimes. This is the first generation of children that will learn with AI toys, work with AI solutions and then be cared for in older age with AI devices and monitors. This is a huge step forward to give careers, businesses, and children a guide to take forward that required understanding.”

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Former content moderators sue TikTok over exposure to graphic videos

Reviewjournal | Mar 29, 2022

Company Listed: TikTok

During 12-hour shifts for seven months, Ashley Velez watched video after video of graphic violence and child abuse as a content moderator for TikTok.

On Thursday, the Las Vegas resident and another former content moderator filed a federal class-action lawsuit against TikTok and its owner, Byte dance Inc., alleging that the company violated California’s unfair competition law by failing to provide a safe environment for employees.

“Defendants rely on content moderators to ensure that TikTok is free from graphic and objectionable content,” the lawsuit states. “Defendants monitor and control content moderators’ day to day work and provide the software that allows content moderators to do their jobs. Therefore, Defendants are required under the law to pay for the harm caused by requiring content moderators to review and remove graphic and objectionable content.”

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Beware! A Social Media Post Could Cost You Your Future Job

Businesstoday | Mar 30, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media, Instagram

We saw this candidate’s Instagram account and this person is always traveling. So, how can you say that this person will work hard?” Founder Vikram Ahuja of Talent500, which enables global companies to set up remote teams, was recently privy to this conversation with a recruiter about a potential hire. While this is an extreme instance of how your social media presence can be perceived by a prospective employer, it’s an example of why you may want to hold off on tweeting your impassioned and radical views on a politically charged topic. Chances are it could cost you your future job. Recruiters and hiring managers are not just stop - ping by your digital avatars to cross-check factual information but also to size up whether you are a match culturally for the organization; in some cases they are rejecting the candidate based on what they find online.

A 2020 poll among 1,005 hiring decision-makers by US-based staffing solutions firm Express Employment Professionals found 67 per cent respondents saying they use social networking sites to research potential job candidates. A 2018 CareerBuilder survey carried out in the US found the number to be at 70 per cent. While a similar study could not be found in India, several recruiters and experts in the field admit they do pick up on the digital breadcrumbs left behind by jobseekers. Those, along with their résumé, interviews, psychometric tests, panel discussions and other assessment tools are used to make hiring decisions.

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#WhatJustHappened? A privacy harm

Iapp | Mar 29, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media

For 24 hours, the act of aggression occupying the media cycle was not Russia’s assault on Ukraine but rather Will Smith slapping Chris Rock on live television in front of a black tie audience at the Academy Awards in Hollywood and millions of viewers worldwide. Smith’s attack, however, was not unprovoked.

To be clear, I condemn violence in any shape or form. But — while not justifying or condoning Smith’s actions — I wanted to address the privacy angle of the events that led to dominating the Twitter universe for several hours on Sunday.

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Forcing WhatsApp and iMessage to Work Together Is Doomed to Fail

Wired | Mar 29, 2022

Company Listed: WhatsApp, iMessage

THE NEWEST LAW designed to rein in Big Tech aims to make all your favorite messaging apps work seamlessly together. Sounds great, right? Well, we have some bad news.

Every day, billions of messages are sent using end-to-end encryption. Millions of people use iMessage, WhatsApp, and Signal to chat with friends, family, and colleagues, and those conversations are all automatically protected by strong encryption. But it’s not possible to send a message from one encrypted app to another. If you use Signal and your friends only use WhatsApp, someone has to compromise.

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TikTok hit by another lawsuit started by former moderators

Ruetir | Mar 29, 2022

Company Listed: TikTok

Ashley Velez and Reece Young, former contract content moderators for TikTok, say their work involved revising “Unfiltered, disgusting and offensive content "included “Sexual abuse of minors, rape, torture, bestiality, beheadings, suicides and murders "according to a complaint filed Thursday in a California district court against the popular short-form video platform and its parent company, Byte Dance.