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The dark side of Discord for teens

CNN | Mar 22, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media

When a mother in Washington state learned her teenage daughter was on Discord, a popular social media platform, she felt reasonably comfortable with the idea of her using it to communicate with members of her high school marching band.

But in September, the mother discovered the 16-year-old was also using the audio and chat service to message with someone who appeared from his profile picture to be an older man.

The stranger, who said he lived in England, entered a group chat that included her daughter and members of the band, according to the mother. They struck up a friendship in a private thread. He asked for nude pictures; her daughter obliged.

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Meta embraced the death of globalization, and it’s paying off

Protocal | Mar 22, 2022

Company Listed: Meta, Social Media

How long would TikTok remain in U.S. app stores if it allowed users to post death threats against Joe Biden but not other public figures? The answer, of course, is not very long at all.

Yesterday, Russian courts decided to label Meta an “extremist” organization and formally ban Facebook and Instagram. Earlier this month, Meta temporarily amended its policy on hate speech, allowing users in some countries to call for the death of Vladimir Putin and for violence against Russian soldiers, some of whom are still teenagers.

It was clear from the beginning: Meta had to take sides. Given the tremendous pressure exerted on Meta by both Russia and the U.S. and EU, the company couldn’t stick to its usual narrative of “just following local law.”

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Apple, The Gamification Of Rape, And The Business Of Responsibility

Forbes | Mar 23, 2022

Company Listed: Apple

The images in the header above aren’t merely illustration, they’re where this story begins. It’s a story that begins—with the gamification of rape and sexual assault; and an app’s invitation to choose to help or “play with” a trapped and defenseless woman. This story ends with an invitation for two of the biggest companies in the world to do more than they’ve chosen to in order to make the world a better and safer place.

The ads for the “interactive love and dating simulator” in the header have been seen—likely by millions across the digisphere. (The Belarusian developer who can say exactly how many didn’t respond to Forbes outreach.) Imagine a 10-year-old seeing this. A 17-year-old. Anyone.

Consider then that ads like the ones above do not fall under current definitions of malicious advertising, despite the fact that they are.

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Inside Germany’s Counselling Centre for Victims of Far-Right ‘Digital Violence’

Vice | Mar 22, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media