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March 10, 2022 T&S Newsletter

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Online violence against women – a weapon used to silence and degrade

Ids | Mar 09, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media

The digital space has become an essential medium for activists and individuals to reach global audiences with messages on human rights, gender justice, and other critical social issues through social media platforms like Facebook. While online activism for gender justice is growing, violence against women on these online spaces is also on the rise. This issue of online violence as part of the larger backlash against women’s rights is the focus of a new pilot research project by BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD), in collaboration with IDS under the Countering Backlash programme.

Through the research we explore the online hate and threats of violence towards advocates for gender justice, and women in general, causing them to lose confidence, courage, and interest to speak out or advocate.

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Ban on restrictions of social media content passes Georgia Senate

Ajc | Mar 09, 2022

Company Listed: Facebook, Twitter, Social Media

Facebook and Twitter would be prohibited from deleting posts or removing users based on the views they express, according to a bill that passed the Georgia Senate on Tuesday.

The legislation, supported by Republican senators who believe social media companies have censored GOP opinions, would allow the companies to be sued in Georgia courts.

The Senate voted 33-21 to approve the measure, Senate Bill 393, which now advances to the state House.

The bill arose from complaints that Facebook and Twitter restricted conservative views by deleting posts that the companies considered false or misleading, especially on the topics of election fraud and COVID-19.

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T&S Policies & Regulations

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Privacy and security challenges for Metaverse

Techiexpert | Mar 09, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media

We can expect the companies in the Metaverse to simply collect various information for the purpose of individual identification, tracking and advertisement via multiple channels like microphones, wearable devices, respiratory and heart monitors, and user interactions to the extent that we have never ever seen before.

This could even lead to a world of no privacy.

Apart from this having some of the major concerns for the way private data will going to be used and collected, there is also a concern over how the metaverse could help to provide with an escape from reality. As per the report, “the potential to alter our sense of reality, distorting how we interpret our direct daily experiences.”

In other words, they can even strategically place you in various context and offer you content that only help selected people can see to bend your reality, form your amplify and opinions divisions between people.

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Telegram assures safety of Ukrainians' data

Iapp | Mar 09, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media, Telegram

Telegram co-founder Pavel Durov promised the messaging application's Ukrainian users that their personal data is protected from any potential security issues stemming from the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, BBC News reports. "I stand for our users no matter what. Their right to privacy is sacred — now more than ever," Durov said in response to concerns raised about whether Telegram's cloud-based platform had sufficient encryption to preserve privacy. While user data is safe, the platform indicated not all of its functions carry end-to-end encryption capabilities.

The billionaire Russian-born co-founder of messaging app Telegram has told Ukrainian users their data is safe.

In a Telegram post, Pavel Durov, who lives in Dubai, wrote: "I stand for our users no matter what. Their right to privacy is sacred - now more than ever."

Telegram was Ukraine's most popular messaging app - the Observer newspaper reported.

But some experts have raised concerns about the security of users' data.

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"Social Media Regulation Sought by Bill Passed by US State Senate Researchers have not found widespread evidence that social media companies are biased against conservative news."

Gadgets | Mar 09, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media

The Georgia state Senate voted 33-21 on Tuesday to pass a bill that seeks to prohibit social media platforms from removing or censoring content amid an outcry from conservatives that their political views are being discriminated against, even though a similar Texas law has been put on hold by a federal court.

Senate Bill 393 moves to the House for more debate. It declares that social media companies that have more than 20 million users in the United States are common carriers and that they can't block people from receiving certain messages based on viewpoints, location, race, ethnicity, religion, political beliefs, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

“What we are stating here is you cannot be discriminated against for your viewpoint, your gender, your age or other things in this 21st century public square,” said Sen. Greg Dolezal, a Cumming Republican who is sponsoring the bill. Dolezal said companies could still pull down lewd, obscene or offensive materials.

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Social media firms and search engines to face new penalties for scam adverts

Eandt.theiet | Mar 09, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media

Social media sites and search engines will be legally required to prevent scam adverts from appearing on their platforms as part of a new rules to protect people online.

The latest draft of the Online Safety Bill will give regulators greater powers to tackle harmful, offensive and misleading adverts.

It could also see tougher penalties places on influencers who fail to declare payment for promoting products on their social media channels.

The latest changes to the bill follow calls from a coalition of 17 consumer and business groups last year for the government to include scams within the scope of the much-delayed bill.

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T&S Good News

Some of the good news in the T&S industry that leaders want to know

PureVPN Launches PSA on Online Abuse Against Women #RingTheAlarm

Newswire | Mar 10, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media

PureVPN is honoring women this International Women's Day by highlighting the alarming rise of gender-based abuse in digital spaces.

Incidents of domestic violence, workplace harassment, and street-based harassment now have to contend with a new monster - online harassment.

Despite the fact that online harassment is a criminal act, many people still feel comfortable engaging in it. This can be incredibly damaging for the victim who may feel like they are being attacked constantly and have no way to escape the abuse. Such incidents when repeated can lead to severe negative consequences and emotional trauma.

Online harassment can take many different forms, but it often involves someone sending or posting hurtful or threatening messages to or about another person. It can also involve stalking, cyberbullying, and/or abusing one's private information.

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