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T&S Early Warning News

Get ahead of new stories that are impacting the T&S industry.

Lawmakers urge Google to fix abortion searches suggesting ‘fake clinics’

Washington Post | June 18, 2022

Company Listed: Google

U.S. lawmakers are questioning Google over how the company’s search engine shows users in certain states inaccurate results about abortion services by diverting them to “fake clinics” that don’t provide the procedure and dissuade people from ending a pregnancy.

In a letter sent Friday to Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, 20 Democratic members of Congress and Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) urged the company to quickly rectify the search accuracy issue, noting it comes as a U.S. Supreme Court decision due later this month could overturn the right to an abortion established in Roe v. Wade.

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Leaked Audio Suggests China Had Access to US TikTok Data | June 20, 2022

Company Listed: TikTok

Despite TikTok denying keeping private data outside of China, a new investigation has found that US data was routinely accessed by employees in Bejing.

The investigation, which relied on leaked recordings of more than 80 internal TikTok meetings, suggests the engineers had access to the user between September 2021 and January of this year.

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Social media platform accesses users’ personal data

Tech HQ | June 20, 2022

Company Listed: TikTok

Late last week, Buzzfeed News “broke” the story that they had procured access to leaked audio from over 80 internal TikTok meetings, revealing that ByteDance employees in China had repeatedly accessed non-public data of US TikTok users. The audio reportedly contained at least 14 references from nine different TikTok employees — recorded in circumstances ranging from meetings with company leaders and consultants, to all-hands presentations with the TikTok policy team — in a period between September 2021 and January this year, at least. The audio files are allegedly corroborated by screenshots and other documentation.

Ever since Donald Trump’s tenure as President of the United States, Chinese technology companies have been fighting an uphill battle against allegations, and subsequent legal rulings against them, of spying on US user data and sharing them with Beijing. Trump paid particular attention to Chinese tech juggernauts like telecommunications leader Huawei and ByteDance’s TikTok, which in 2020 overtook Facebook to establish itself as the most popular social media platform globally.

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Facebook Enables Anti-Abortion Clinics to Collect Highly Sensitive Info on Would-Be Patients

Truthout | June 20, 2022

Company Listed: Facebook

Facebook is collecting ultra-sensitive personal data about abortion seekers and enabling anti-abortion organizations to use that data as a tool to target and influence people online, in violation of its own policies and promises.

In the wake of a leaked Supreme Court opinion signaling the likely end of nationwide abortion protections, privacy experts are sounding alarms about all the ways people’s data trails could be used against them if some states criminalize abortion.

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T&S Policies & Regulations

Regulatory news and policy decisions impacting the T&S ecosystem.

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Google’s data plans in Saudi will risk lives

DT Next | June 21, 2022

Company Listed: Google

Saudi Arabia doesn’t exactly have a positive track record when it comes to digital espionage.

In 2018, the country’s government reportedly used the notorious spy software Pegasus on devices belonging to the family of Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi dissident who was killed that year in a gruesome assassination allegedly orchestrated by the government.

In 2019, two former Saudi employees of Twitter in the US were charged with using the popular social media platform to unmask critics of the Saudi government.

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Meta Implements New Policies to Protect Consumers and Businesses from Fraudulent Reviews

Social Media Today | June 20, 2022

Company Listed: Meta

eCommerce brands take note – today, Meta is launching a new Community Feedback Policy in the US, which will provide more specific parameters on what’s allowed within customer reviews and feedback published in the app.

The new policy has been created ‘to ensure that reviews are based on real purchasing experiences’, while also keeping fraudulent and offensive feedback out of view. In other words, Meta’s now implementing new processes to detect false and misleading reviews, to limit the scope of those using reviews as a weapon, and to stop people from trying to scam the system with false positive feedback.

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The EU’s Proposed Online Political Advertising Law is a Good Start, But Needs Revising

Data Innovation | June 21, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media

The European Commission proposed a new law in November 2021 to regulate online political advertising. The Commission plans to create a harmonized regulatory framework to govern rules around transparency disclosures and audience targeting for ads likely to influence political debates. The proposal is now with the European Parliament, where the Internal Market Committee is currently writing its draft report on the law.

There are three main issues that European policymakers should pay attention to as they negotiate regulations for online political advertising. First, the definition of what counts as a political ad should not encompass purely commercial marketing campaigns, which are already subject to a raft of regulations. Second, lawmakers should properly distribute responsibilities for disclosures and transparency among the different participants involved in online advertising, and not hold advertising platforms responsible for false information provided by their clients. Third, the law should not place excessive constraints on the ability of advertisers or online advertising platforms to target messages to relevant audiences in a cost-effective manner—the very feature that makes targeted online advertising useful.

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Singapore joins other places with laws regulating online content

Business Times | June 21, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media

VIDEO “challenges” which ask viewers to film themselves doing dangerous acts can go viral rapidly through social media platform algorithms and user interest, and lead to injuries and deaths.

Terrorist acts captured on videos through live-streaming can have their impact exacerbated when these clips are reshared online.

These were examples given by the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) on Monday (June 20) of how harmful online content can be amplified on social media services, which are the focus of proposed rules to enhance online safety for users.

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T&S Good News

Some of the good news in the T&S industry that leaders want to know

Telegram Premium has been launched, includes 4GB uploads and other benefits

Gadgetbridge | June 21, 2022

Company Listed: Telegram

Telegram, a messaging app, has officially launched its paid membership service and is now available to all users. With over 700 million monthly active users, the encrypted messaging network has lately risen to one of the top five most downloaded apps in the world in 2022. To commemorate this achievement, the social networking site has launched a subscription service that includes a slew of new features.

Users that upgrade to the premium tier gain access to 4GB file uploads, faster downloads, and the ability to convert voice messages to text. Telegram has announced a series of upgrades for all users on the platform, including those who are not paying for the premium tier, in conjunction with the debut of the paid membership. The company recently stated that it now has over 700 million monthly active users.

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T&S Careers & Jobs

T&S jobs posted recently, often within the last 24 hours, looking for top talent.

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Global Trust and Security – Investigator

Seagate Technology | Bloomington, MN

Posted: June 19, 2022

  • Excellent networking and negotiation skills.

  • High level of emotional intelligence.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, ability to summarize complex cases in written form and share with leadership.

  • Ability to influence without authority.

  • Planning, organizing and leadership skills.

  • Ability to interact effectively at various social levels and across diverse cultures.

  • Able to exercise diplomacy when working with business partners.

Strategic Partner Strategy and Operations Trust and Safety

Google | Washington, DC

Posted: June 20, 2022

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience.

  • 7 years of experience in management consulting or corporate strategy.

  • Experience in data analysis and related tools and processes.

  • Master's degree.

  • 2 years of experience at a management consulting firm or corporate strategy organization.

  • Experience working in a large organization and collaborating with different team members.

Policy Training Development Specialist - Trust & Safety

TikTok | Mountain View, CA

Posted: June 21, 2022

  • Bachelor's degree with equivalent 5+ years of practical experience in creating, developing, and delivering training programs.

  • You have knowledge and understanding of adult learning concepts and methods.

  • Excellent planning and organization skills, ability to independently manage multiple small to medium scale training projects from initiation to delivery.

  • Excellent written & oral communication skills, public speaking, presentation skills, and overall interpersonal skills.

  • You have the ability to adapt to business needs and work in a fast-paced environment.

  • You Experience working with international partners across different time zones and cultures.

Senior Data Analyst Trust Safety Enablement

Snap | Los Angeles, CA

Posted: June 21, 2022

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience.

  • 3+ years of relevant work experience in an operations, data-oriented, and/or quantitative role, or related consulting experience.

  • Flexible work-hours: full-time and weekends as needed.

  • Bachelor's degree in criminal justice, political science, sociology, public administration, international relations, computer science, mathematics, economics, or another related area of study.

  • Experience working in trust and safety, law enforcement, legal, compliance, or a related field.

  • Experience working with product and engineering teams to develop tools and solutions that improve trust across a platform or product.

  • A passion for Snapchat and online safety!

Lead Technical Program Manager (Trust & Safety)

Affirm | United States

Posted: June 21, 2022

  • 5+ years of experience in technical program management roles.

  • Passion and drive to change consumer finance for the better.

  • Organized and strategic approach to collaborating across multi-disciplinary teams.

  • Track record of successfully launching software products.

  • Clear and compelling written and verbal communication.

  • Obsesses over getting the details right but knows how to ship on time.


What is T&S?

Great question (and one the industry hasn’t fully agreed upon). Think of Trust & Safety as the organization that protects social media and Big Tech companies and users from online abuse. As long as users are able to generate content online, time has told us that a minority of these users will create content that is offensive, scandalous, fraudulent, disingenuous, misinformative, hateful, spiteful, and harmful. T&S fights this with flexible policies, resilient operations, and informed detections.

Is T&S interesting?

That depends. If you enjoy stopping bad actors and keeping good people safe, then you’ll love T&S. It requires understanding new technologies and staying on top of breaking issues across society and the world. It also pays Big Tech salaries (no coding skills required).

How do you get into T&S?

That’s the tricky part. The short answer is: not easily. Most T&S orgs are part of Big Tech and (as a result) pay extremely well, so jobs are highly competitive. If you don’t know someone in the industry who can help refer you in, then you can learn more about T&S policies, current events, issues, regulations, and jobs at to improve your hiring chances and start doing meaningful work that helps people.