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17.5 mn content pieces actioned on Facebook in India during May: Meta

Business Standard | July 03, 2022

Company Listed: Meta, Facebook

Meta-owned Facebook 'actioned' about 17.5 million content pieces across 13 violation categories in India during May, according to the latest monthly report by the social media giant.

The content 'actioned' belonged to categories including bullying and harassment, violent and graphic content, adult nudity and sexual activity, child endangerment, dangerous organisation's and individuals, and spam, among others.

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Twitter says it has banned over 46,000 bad accounts in India in May

Business Standard | July 03, 2022

Company Listed: Twitter

Twitter banned more than 46,000 accounts of Indian users in May over violation of its guidelines, the microblogging platform said in its monthly compliance report on Sunday.

According to the report, Twitter removed 43,656 accounts for child sexual exploitation, non-consensual nudity, and similar content, while 2,870 accounts were banned for promoting terrorism.

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Women online are facing harassment — the ToxicHush campaign is addressing it.

Women of Influence | July 03, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media

The TV reporter was telling me over the phone that he needed someone to interview who was not a beauty contestant. I qualified.

It was 1992 and I was serving on the board of MediaWatch, a national organization working to improve women’s representation by the media. The reporter thought my view on the cancellation of the Miss Canada pageant might differ from the perspective of the previous winners he’d also interviewed.

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The extremist watchers: How a network of researchers is searching for the next hate-fueled attack

USA Today | July 03, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media

One evening in early June, a week after 19 students and two teachers were shot and killed at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, extremism researcher Kesa White started seeing media reports of another mass shooting, this time at a medical center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In turn, she picked up each of the three phones she uses for research and got to work, scrolling fast. Apps. News sites. Twitter, and other more obscure social media platforms. In the minutes after a shooting, she would need to learn as much as she could.

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T&S Policies & Regulations

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Okay, Google: To protect women, collect less data about everyone

Washington Post | July 01, 2022

Company Listed: Google

This is a moment I’ve long worried would arrive. The way tens of millions of Americans use everyday Google products has suddenly become dangerous. Following the Supreme Court decision to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling, anything Google knows about you could be acquired by police in states where abortion is now illegal. A search for “Plan B,” a ping to Google Maps at an abortion clinic or even a message you send about taking a pregnancy test could all become criminal evidence.

There is something Google could do about this: stop collecting — and start deleting — data that could be used to prosecute abortions. Yet so far, Google and other Big Tech companies have committed to few product changes that might endanger their ability to profit off our personal lives. Nor have they publicly committed to how they might fight legal demands related to prosecuting abortions.

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Google will delete user location history for abortion clinic visits

Washington Post | July 01, 2022

Company Listed: Google

Google said Friday that it would delete its users’ location history whenever they visit an abortion clinic, domestic violence shelter or other similarly-sensitive place, responding publicly for the first time to calls for the data giant to limit the amount of information it collects that could be used by law enforcement for abortion investigations and prosecutions.

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Texts, web searches about abortion have been used to prosecute women

Washington Post | July 03, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media

Paramedics arrived at Latice Fisher’s Mississippi home to find a baby in the toilet, lifeless and blue, the umbilical cord still attached. The child — roughly six pounds and more than 35 weeks along — was rushed to the hospital, where it was pronounced dead.

Fisher, a mother of three, told paramedics she had not known she was pregnant. But she later admitted to a nurse that she had known about the pregnancy. And after she voluntarily surrendered her iPhone to police, investigators discovered that Fisher, a former police dispatcher, had searched for how to “buy Misopristol Abortion Pill Online” 10 days earlier.

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Our rights under threat Government plans to scrap the Human Rights Act will remove a vital protection against state racism, experts say

Voice Online | July 04, 2022

Company Listed: Social Media

Boris Johnson plans to pull Britain out of the European Convention on Human Rights, which has formed the basis of many court victories where black Brits have challenged police brutality and wrongful convictions.

Critics of the government say a new British Bill of Rights predicts it will be far less effective upholding human rights in a systemically racist British justice system.

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T&S Careers & Jobs

T&S jobs posted recently, often within the last 24 hours, looking for top talent.

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Principal Engineer, Trust and Safety

YouTube | San Bruno, CA

Posted: July 03, 2022

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, a related technical field, or equivalent practical experience.

  • 15 years of experience in software development in programming languages (e.g., C, C++, Java) to build distributed systems.

  • Experience creating a vision for the future.

  • Experience in content moderation.

  • Experience in cyber security.

  • Experience working with full stack development and full release cycle.

Policy Lead - Child Safety Trust and Safety

YouTube | San Bruno, CA

Posted: July 03, 2022

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience.

  • 5 years of experience in drafting or enforcing policy for an online platform or engagement with online public policy issues.

  • Experience working with global teams and communicating with stakeholders cross-functionally.

  • Experience in engaging and discussing sensitive or controversial topics.

  • Experience with implementing strategic and/or large scale projects in a demanding and fast-moving environment.

Program Manager, Global Scaled Operations, Trust and Safety

YouTube | San Bruno, CA

Posted: July 03, 2022

  • 7 years of experience in program management.

  • Experience in setting up cross-functional and cross-teams working with internal and external partners.

  • Experience working on initiatives with multiple teams and executives.

  • Experience in management consulting.

  • Ability to work independently to drive projects to completion with low guidance and high attention to detail.

  • Ability to thrive in ambiguity and adapt and influence through dynamic environments.

  • Ability to streamline complex processes and implement workflows designed to increase efficiency/productivity.

Head of PMO & Enablement, Americas - Trust & Safety

TikTok | Mountain View, CA

Posted: July 04, 2022

  • 10+ years experience in complex program management, strategic planning, business process improvement, performance management, and/or change management

  • 5+ years of experience organizing and directing decision-making across multiple teams and departments with direct people management experience.

  • Exceptional RQ, i.e. superb interpersonal and influencing skills. Able to diffuse work conflict without needing assistance from the senior leadership team.

  • Adept at handling sensitive information and situations with care and confidence.

  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills. Proficient in leading from behind the scenes and communicating diplomatically with a variety of personality types.

  • Highly organized with the ability to skillfully manage multiple programs and diverse stakeholders. Highly adept at cross-functional communication and stakeholder management.

Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack - Trust & Safety

MediaLab | Santa Monica, CA

Posted: July 04, 2022

  • Minimum of 5+ years engineering experience, exposure to Trust & Safety an added bonus.

  • B.S. in Computer Science or similar technical field of study is preferred but not required.

  • Substantial knowledge of React, Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript.

  • Full-stack engineering experience with Golang or Python.

  • Experience designing and building real-world web applications and javascript libraries with cross browser support.

  • A focus on safety and a desire to uncover and understand the full specifications of a problem before acting.


What is T&S?

Great question (and one the industry hasn’t fully agreed upon). Think of Trust & Safety as the organization that protects social media and Big Tech companies and users from online abuse. As long as users are able to generate content online, time has told us that a minority of these users will create content that is offensive, scandalous, fraudulent, disingenuous, misinformative, hateful, spiteful, and harmful. T&S fights this with flexible policies, resilient operations, and informed detections.

Is T&S interesting?

That depends. If you enjoy stopping bad actors and keeping good people safe, then you’ll love T&S. It requires understanding new technologies and staying on top of breaking issues across society and the world. It also pays Big Tech salaries (no coding skills required).

How do you get into T&S?

That’s the tricky part. The short answer is: not easily. Most T&S orgs are part of Big Tech and (as a result) pay extremely well, so jobs are highly competitive. If you don’t know someone in the industry who can help refer you in, then you can learn more about T&S policies, current events, issues, regulations, and jobs at to improve your hiring chances and start doing meaningful work that helps people.