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Dangerous, Derogatory, Violent, Gore, Graphic & Illegal Content and Activities

Policy Date:

Apr 14, 2022

The following types of content are not allowed on YouTube. This isn't a complete list.

Asphyxiation: Any activity that prevents breathing or can lead to suffocation like:
Choking, drowning, or hanging games
Eating non-food items
Misuse of weapons: Using weapons, like guns or knives, without proper safety precautions or in a way that could cause physical harm. Includes the "No Lackin'" challenge.
Ingesting Harmful Substances: Eating, consuming, or inserting non-food objects or chemicals that may cause illness or poisoning. Includes detergent-eating challenges.
Burning, Freezing & Electrocution: Activities with inherent risk of severe burns, freezing, frostbite, or electrocution. Includes the fire challenge and hot water challenge.
Mutilation & Blunt Force Trauma: Activities like:
Abstaining from normal health practices
Falling, impalement, collision, blunt force trauma, or crushing
Challenges featuring children: Showing minors drinking alcohol, using vaporizers, e-cigarettes, tobacco or marijuana, or misusing fireworks.
Note: We may age-restrict content that explains this type of content in an educational or documentary way. For example, a documentary about self-mutilation may be allowed but it won't be available to all audiences.

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