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Policy Date:

Apr 14, 2022

When we say circumvention of technological measures, we’re referring to tools that allow users to evade a software’s licensing protocol. This can mean serial numbers, keygens, passwords, and other methods to hack software or games.

What is the difference between CTM and copyright?

CTM is a tool that will give users the means to access software. Copyright is concerned with the depiction of the software or the means to acquire it. If the software’s interface is in the video, or there's a download link to the software in the video or video description, you may wish to file a copyright takedown notice.

A CTM claim is appropriate when the infringed material isn’t present in the video (or directly linked to), but the video offers a way for users to access it illegitimately.
If you believe you have a valid CTM claim, please fill out our webform.

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