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Video Streaming, Music and Podcasts

Regulated or Illegal Goods & Services

Policy Date:

Apr 14, 2022

Don't post content on YouTube if it aims to directly sell, link to, or facilitate access to any of the regulated goods and services listed below. Making the sale of these items or facilitating the use of these services possible by posting links, email, phone number or other means to contact a seller directly is not allowed.

Bank account passwords, stolen credit cards, or other financial information
Counterfeit documents or currency
Controlled narcotics and other drugs
Endangered species or parts of endangered species
Firearms and certain firearms accessories
Nicotine, including vaping products
Online gambling sites not yet reviewed by Google or YouTube
Pharmaceuticals without a prescription
Sex or escort services
Unlicensed medical services
Human smuggling
This policy applies to videos, video descriptions, comments, live streams, and any other YouTube product or feature. Keep in mind that this isn't a complete list. Please note these policies also apply to external links in your content. This can include clickable URLs, verbally directing users to other sites in video, as well as other forms.

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