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Video Streaming, Music and Podcasts

Regulated or Illegal Goods & Services

Policy Date:

Apr 14, 2022

The following types of content are not allowed on YouTube. This isn't a complete list.

Displays of hard drug uses: Non-educational content that shows the injection of intravenous drugs like heroin or huffing/sniffing glue.
Making hard drugs: Non-educational content that explains how to make drugs.
Minors using alcohol or drugs: Showing minors drinking alcohol, using vaporizers, e-cigarettes, tobacco or marijuana, or misusing fireworks.
Selling hard or soft drugs: Featuring drugs with the goal of selling them. If you're using links in your description to sell hard drugs, your channel will be terminated.
Steroid use: Non-educational content that shows how to use steroids for recreational purposes (like body building).
Note: If this type of content is educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic, we may still age-restrict it. For example, a documentary about intravenous drug use that shows the injection of drugs may be allowed, but it won't be available to all audiences. If your content shows items used for taking drugs, it may also be age-restricted.

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