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Video Streaming, Music and Podcasts

Dangerous, Derogatory, Violent, Gore, Graphic & Illegal Content and Activities

Policy Date:

Apr 14, 2022

Animal abuse refers to content depicting the malicious infliction of physical harm causing an animal to experience suffering. We may make exceptions for content depicting generally accepted practices like: hunting, trapping, pest abatement, food preparation, medical treatment, or animal slaughter that depict harm on an animal or group of animals.
Here are more examples of content not allowed on YouTube:

Dog fighting, cockfighting, or other videos in which human onlookers are forcing animals to attack each other. We do allow content featuring animals fighting in the wild, such as in a nature documentary.
Non-educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic content that shows animal suffering for the purposes of shock or disgust.
Bullfighting with bulls being harmed (such as swords in the bull).
Hunting using illegal practices like bombing or poison.
This is not a complete list.

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