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Harassment, Hateful Content, Hate Speech, Bullying, & Threats

Policy Date:

Apr 14, 2022

Sexual harassment makes users feel uncomfortable, unsafe, and deters them from participating in online communities. This abuse can take the form of unwelcome sexual advances and solicitations, sexual objectification, or degrading attacks relating to a person’s perceived sexual practices, regardless of their gender.

The following categories of behaviors are considered to be sexually harassing, and are prohibited on Twitch:

Making unsolicited sexual advances towards another person
Making unsolicited objectifying statements relating to the sexual body parts or practices of another person
Making repeated comments related to another person’s perceived attractiveness after the target makes it clear to you that the behavior is unwanted
Making unsolicited statements in reference to performing graphic sexual acts on another person
Making derogatory statements about another person’s perceived sexual practices or sexual morality
Making degrading statements about a person’s sexual health
Attempting to coerce others into providing sexual content or favors through threats, bribes or other inducements
Sharing unwanted and unsolicited links to nude or sexually provocative images or videos

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