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Violent Extremist or Terrorist Activities, Organizations & Content

Policy Date:

Apr 14, 2022

We take a firm stance against enabling violence on or off TikTok. We do not allow people to use our platform to threaten or incite violence, or to promote dangerous individuals or organizations. When there is a threat to public safety or an account is used to promote or glorify off-platform violence, we may suspend or ban the account. When warranted, we will report threats to relevant legal authorities. To effectively protect our community, we may consider information available on other platforms and offline to identify violent and extremist individuals and organizations on our platform. If we find such individuals or organizations on TikTok, we will close their accounts.

Threats and incitement to violence
We consider incitement to violence as advocating for, directing, or encouraging other people to commit violence. We do not allow threats of violence or incitement to violence on our platform that may result in serious physical harm.

Do not post, upload, stream, or share:

Statements of intent to inflict physical injuries on an individual or a group
Statements or imagery that encourage others to commit or that advocate for physical violence
Conditional or aspirational statements that encourage other people to commit violence
Calls to bring weapons to a location with the intent to intimidate or threaten an individual or group with violence
Instructions on how to make or use weapons with an intent to incite violence
Dangerous individuals and organizations
We do not allow individuals or organizations on our platform who promote or are engaged in violence. We remove such individuals and organizations, including mass murderers, serial killers and rapists, hate groups, criminal organizations, terrorist organizations, and other non-state armed groups that target civilians.

Terrorist organizations

Terrorists and terrorist organizations are non-state actors that threaten violence, use violence, and/or commit serious crimes (such as crimes against humanity) against civilian populations in pursuit of political, religious, ethnic, or ideological objectives.

Organized hate

Organized hate refers to those individuals and organizations who attack people based on protected characteristics, such as race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, caste, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity, or immigration status. We consider attacks to include actions that incite violence or hatred, dehumanize individuals or groups, or embrace a hateful ideology.

Criminal organizations

Criminal organizations are transnational, national, or local groups that have engaged in serious crimes, including violent crimes (e.g., homicide, rape, robbery, assault), trafficking (e.g., human, organ, drug, weapons), kidnapping, financial crimes (e.g., extortion, blackmail, fraud, money laundering), or cybercrime.

Do not post, upload, stream, or share:

Content that praises, promotes, glorifies, or supports dangerous individuals and/or organizations
Content that encourages participation in, or intends to recruit individuals to, dangerous organizations
Content with names, symbols, logos, flags, slogans, uniforms, gestures, salutes, illustrations, portraits, songs, music, lyrics, or other objects meant to represent dangerous individuals and/or organizations

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