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Harassment, Hateful Content, Hate Speech, Bullying, & Threats

Policy Date:

Apr 14, 2022

TikTok is a diverse and inclusive community that has no tolerance for discrimination. We do not permit content that contains hate speech or involves hateful behavior and we remove it from our platform. We suspend or ban accounts that engage in hate speech violations or which are associated with hate speech off the TikTok platform.

Attacks on the basis of protected attributes
We define hate speech or behavior as content that attacks, threatens, incites violence against, or otherwise dehumanizes an individual or a group on the basis of the following protected attributes:

National origin
Sexual orientation
Gender identity
Serious disease
Immigration status
Do not post, upload, stream, or share:

Hateful content related to an individual or group, including:
claiming that they are physically, mentally, or morally inferior
calling for or justifying violence against them
claiming that they are criminals
referring to them as animals, inanimate objects, or other non-human entities
promoting or justifying exclusion, segregation, or discrimination against them
Content that depicts harm inflicted upon an individual or a group on the basis of a protected attribute
Slurs are defined as derogatory terms that are intended to disparage an ethnicity, race, or any other protected attributes listed above. To minimize the spread of egregiously offensive terms, we remove all slurs from our platform, unless the terms are reappropriated, used self-referentially (e.g., in a song), or do not disparage.

Do not post, upload, stream, or share:

Content that uses or includes slurs
Hateful ideology
Hateful ideologies are those that demonstrate clear hostility toward people because of their protected attributes. Hateful ideologies are incompatible with the inclusive and supportive community that our platform provides and we remove content that promotes them.

Do not post, upload, stream, or share:

Content that praises, promotes, glorifies, or supports any hateful ideology
Content that contains names, symbols, logos, flags, slogans, uniforms, gestures, salutes, illustrations, portraits, songs, music, lyrics, or other objects related to a hateful ideology
Content that denies well-documented and violent events have taken place affecting groups with protected attributes
Claims of supremacy over a group of people with reference to other protected attributes
Conspiracy theories used to justify hateful ideologies

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