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Policy Date:

Apr 14, 2022

Patron accounts
To summarize: The philosophy behind these Community Guidelines applies to creators and patrons alike. While we empower creators to manage their communities, there are some instances when the Trust and Safety team will review reports for patrons’ behavior.

The Trust and Safety team reviews reports around hate speech, harassment and solicitation very carefully, and we will take action against a patron account if it violates these guidelines. Creators can report patrons’ posts directly by following these instructions. Please know we keep these reviews confidential. Most importantly, if you feel unsafe because a patron is stalking or harassing you, you should always try to seek the help of your local law enforcement and contact the closest cyber crime unit as they will have the most tools and means to help. Patreon will work closely with law enforcement when there is an investigation and if a law enforcement agency sends us a subpoena.
Financial advice content:
Because Patreon values creator and patron safety alike, we encourage financial advice content consumers to consult with licensed financial professionals before making investment decisions.
Chargebacks are initiated when individuals, or in Patreon’s case patrons, reach out to their financial institutions to dispute a transaction. To protect creators, Patreon will review excessive and potentially fraudulent chargebacks and may prevent patrons from subscribing to additional creators during that review. If a patron’s chargebacks are found to be fraudulent, Patreon reserves the right to suspend or remove their account. More information about chargebacks can be found here.
These policies are part of Patreon’s Terms of Use. For more information, contact Patreon at

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