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Spam, Fake Content, Deceptive Practices & Scams

Policy Date:

Apr 14, 2022

To summarize: While it can be hard to grow a patron base, no one likes being spammed. Be creative and original, don’t post repetitive comments or send unwanted private messages to other members of the community.

These are some of the actions we consider to be spamming, which is prohibited on Patreon:

Don’t create pledging schemes; don’t contact other creators to have a pledge-for-a-pledge kind of trade deal.
Don’t use Patreon to release or link to malware or phishing schemes.
Don’t make misleading posts to grow your patronage.
Don’t post comments on other creators’ pages promoting your own page.
Don’t send a large number of unsolicited private messages asking for support.
Don’t use incorrect tagging in order to drive more search results.
Don’t post multiple paid posts per day if you are a per-post creator.
When reviewing reports about spam, we will distinguish between commercial spam and friendly abuse such as legitimate creators spamming other creators’ pages. If we determine the spam is friendly abuse, the account will be flagged; repeat offenses will lead to full removal of the creator or patron page. Commercial spamming by an account that is not a legitimate creator will be removed from Patreon. In other words, be creative and original because nobody likes Spam (not the canned type).

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