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Regulated or Illegal Goods & Services

Policy Date:

Apr 13, 2022

For some products or services subject to controls and local regulations, you must follow certain guidelines when posting content. The content you upload may not feature calls to action or offers for the sale of products or services that are subject to local legal regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, alcohol, gambling, tobacco, guns, health and medical devices, regulated pharmaceuticals, adult services, and financial services.
The content shouldn’t display:
• Links to a landing page where it is possible to purchase restricted goods or services.
• Email address and/or phone numbers to contact for the purchase of restricted goods.
• Promotional offers for restricted goods or services. For example, you shouldn’t upload content that displays deals, coupons, pricing information or other promotions for a restricted product or service.
Note that incidental depictions of these products are excluded from this policy. Examples include:
• Images of menus.
• Images where alcoholic beverages are present but not the main focus.

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