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Misinformation - Political, Elections, Medical & Religious

Policy Date:

Apr 13, 2022

Coronavirus (COVID-19) policies

At these sensitive times, we are cautious regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) related services that we allow on Fiverr. For example, We do not allow users to offer or ask for services that are related to healing Coronavirus or creating content regarding Coronavirus that may be used for spreading misleading information.

Should you see an item that violates our policies, please don’t hesitate to report it.

Please Do not Offer or ask for:

Services that are intended to heal, prevent or treat Coronavirus (COVID-19), including emotional therapy.

The creation of medical, scientific or informative content exclusively on Coronavirus (COVID-19). Fiverr is committed to fighting the spread of fake news regarding Coronavirus. Therefore, if a service is reported or flagged as being used to create or promote the spread of fake news; we will investigate and take action accordingly.

Donations or investments.

Face Masks. Creating a handmade mask as part of our Arts & Crafts subcategory is allowed.

We do allow services that support businesses, marketers, or individuals during these times, for example, business communications or online lessons.

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