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Self-Harm, Suicide, Self-Injury

Policy Date:

Apr 14, 2022

We don't allow the promotion of self-harm or suicide. We work with organisations around the world to provide resources and support for people in distress. People can share information about self-harm and suicide that does not promote these subjects.

To avoid being flagged for this kind of content:

Post content that promotes suicide.
Post content that encourages other types of self-harm, including self-mutilation and eating disorders. We don't consider body modification to be self-injury.
Identify victims of self-harm or suicide and target them for attack either seriously or humorously.
Unsafe reporting about suicide
We want Facebook to be a space where people can go to share their experiences, raise awareness about these issues and seek support. However, we want to prevent people from celebrating or promoting self-harm. We want the person to be able to ask for help or share their path to recovery, but we also must consider the safety of the people who see that post. The post might trigger thoughts of self-harm or suicide in others. We don't want people to share content that promotes self-harm, but we also don't want to shame or trigger the person who posted the content by removing their post.

As a result, we may restrict content to adults over the age of 18, include a sensitivity screen and provide resources so that people are aware the content may be upsetting.

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