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Facebook (Meta)

Privacy violations

Data Privacy, Collection, and Use & Cyber Security

Policy Date:

Apr 14, 2022

Privacy and the protection of personal information are fundamentally important values for Facebook. We work hard to safeguard your personal identity and information and we do not allow people to post personal or confidential information about yourself or of others.

We remove content that shares, offers or solicits personally identifiable information or other private information that could lead to physical or financial harm, including financial, residential and medical information, as well as private information obtained from illegal sources. We also recognise that private information may become publicly available through news coverage, court filings, press releases or other sources. When that happens, we may allow the information to be posted.

We also provide people with ways to report imagery that they believe to be in violation of their privacy rights.

Do not post:
Content that shares or solicits any of the following private information, either on Facebook or through external links:

Personally identifiable information about yourself or others

Personal identity: identifying individuals through government-issued numbers.
National identification number (for example Social Security Number (SSN), passport number, National Insurance/Health Service Number, Personal Public Service Number (PPS), Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)).
Government IDs of law enforcement, military or security personnel.
Personal information: directly identifying an individual, by indicating the ID number or registration information and the individual's name.
Records or official documentation of civil registry information (marriage, birth, death, name change or gender recognition and so on).
Immigration and work status documents (for example, green cards, work permits, visas or immigration papers).
Driving licences or licence plates, except when licence plates are shared to facilitate in finding missing people or animals.
Credit Privacy Number (CPN).
Digital identity: authenticating access to an online identity
Email addresses with passwords.
Digital identities with passwords.
Passwords, pins or codes to access private information.
Other private information

Personal contact information of others such as phone numbers, addresses and email addresses, except when shared or solicited to promote charitable causes, find missing people, animals or objects, or contact business service providers.
Financial information.
Personal financial information about yourself or others, including:
Non-public financial records or statements.
Bank account numbers with security or pin codes.
Digital payment method information with login details, security or pin codes.
Credit or debit card information with validity dates or security pins or codes.
Financial information about businesses or organisations, unless originally shared by the organisation itself, including:
Financial records or statements except when the financial records of the business are publicly available (for example, listed on stock exchanges or regulatory agencies etc.)
Bank account numbers accompanied by security or pin codes.
Digital payment method information accompanied by login details, security or pin codes.
Residential information
Imagery that displays the external view of private residences if all of the following conditions apply:
The residence is a single-family home, or the resident's unit number is identified in the image/caption.
The city/neighbourhood or GPS pin (for example, a pin from Google Maps) are identified.
The content identifies the resident(s).
That same resident objects to the exposure of their private residence, or there is context of organising protests against the resident (this does not include embassies that also serve as residences).
Content that exposes information about safe houses by sharing any of the below, unless the safe house is actively promoting information about their facility
Actual address (note: "Post Box only" is allowed).
Images of the safe house.
Identifiable city/neighbourhood of the safe house.
Information exposing the identity of the safe house residents.
Medical information
Records or official documentation displaying medical, psychological, biometric or genetic hereditary of others.
Information obtained from hacked sources.
Except in limited cases of newsworthiness, content claimed or confirmed to come from a hacked source, regardless of whether the affected person is a public figure or a private individual.
The following content also may be removed:

A reported photo or video of people where the person depicted in the image is:
A minor under the age of 13, and the content was reported by the minor or a parent or legal guardian.
A minor between the ages of 13 and 18 years old, and the content was reported by the minor.
An adult, where the content was reported by the adult from outside the United States and applicable law may provide rights to removal.
Any person who is incapacitated and unable to report the content on their own.
For the following Community Standards, we require additional information and/or context to enforce:
Do not post:

Content that puts a defector at risk by outing the individual with personally identifiable information when the content is reported by credible government channels.
Depictions of someone in a medical or health facility if reported by the person pictured or an authorised representative.
In certain cases, we will allow content that may otherwise violate the Community Standards when it is determined that the content is satirical. Content will only be allowed if the violating elements of the content are being satirised or attributed to something or someone else in order to mock or criticise them.

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