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Facebook (Meta)

Facebook (Meta)

Manipulated media

Misleading Content

Policy Date:

Apr 14, 2022

In addition, we will continue to invest in partnerships (including with journalists, academics and independent fact-checkers) to help us reduce the distribution of false news and misinformation, as well as to better inform people about the content they encounter online.
For the following Community Standards, we require additional information and/or context to enforce:
Do not post:
• Videos that have been edited or synthesised, beyond adjustments for clarity or quality, in ways that are not apparent to an average person, and would likely mislead an average person to believe:
• A subject of the video said words that they did not say, AND
• The video is the product of artificial intelligence or machine learning, including deep learning techniques (e.g. a technical deepfake), that merges, combines, replaces and/or superimposes content onto a video, creating a video that appears authentic.
• This policy does not extend to content that is parody or satire or is edited to omit words that were said or change the order of words that were said.

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