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Misleading Content

Policy Date:

Apr 13, 2022

• Ads for incontinence products (including liners, pads or adult diapers) may run only in contextual placements for products in the same category, and offsite. Ads must be frequency-capped at 3 times per 24 hours (3x24).
• Ads are permitted on the homepage of with the following restrictions:
• Ads must not target customers based on shopping behavior related to health and personal well-being. You are encouraged to leverage AA’s targeting capability to increase relevancy.
• Ads must not use words that describe an unwanted health condition such as “incontinence” or “lack of control.” Ads can use messaging that describes the benefits of the products such as “greater mobility” or “active lifestyle.”
• Visuals must not feature the product image in use but can feature lifestyle images. We permit product images if the packaging is intact. We prohibit images of diapers without packaging.

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