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Restricted Content, Products and Services

Dangerous, Derogatory, Violent, Gore, Graphic & Illegal Content and Activities

Policy Date:

Apr 13, 2022

The policies in this section apply to ads for the sale of alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, and spirits) and branding campaigns for alcohol companies (these are campaigns by alcohol companies that do not promote the sale of alcoholic beverages, such as merchandise or sponsorships).
Alcohol ads are only permitted in some locales. Here is a quick view of permitted and prohibited locales. Please see section below for policy requirements that apply to alcohol ads in permitted locales.
Permitted Prohibited
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Bahrain, China, India,
France, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg,
Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, UK. Kuwait, KSA, Morocco, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, US.

Please note that this policy does not cover alcohol content featured in non-alcohol ads (for example, a movie trailer starring actors consuming alcohol). Per the Prohibited Content policy, ad content must not encourage, glamorize or depict excessive consumption of alcohol.
In India, alcohol brands may not run any form of advertising, even for non-alcoholic products. So-called surrogate advertising is prohibited. For example, an alcohol brand may not run a campaign promoting branded merchandise.
Ads for beverages labeled as “alcohol-free” or “non-alcoholic” (i.e. non-alcoholic beer) should follow the same placement, day-parting, and targeting restrictions for alcoholic beverages for their locale.

Locale-specific requirements
Alcohol ads are only permitted in the locales listed below, subject to the corresponding policy requirements.
Ads for the sale of alcohol in Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Europe must link-in to Amazon.Appstores
Ads for appstores are not permitted.
Charities and Other Non-Profits, and PSA
To ensure that the customer experience remains positive, ads must focus on the positive outcome of donating. For example, an ad for a pet charity featuring images of animals in distress would be prohibited, while an ad for a pet charity reading “Your support can help animals,” without images of animals in distress, would be permitted.
Ads for charities are prohibited on Homepage and Fire devices.
Contests, Competitions, and Prize Draws
Ads for contests, competitions, or prize draws must include all disclosures required by applicable laws and regulations. They must be present on the landing page. Ads must indicate that official rules apply by including a disclosure to state that "T&Cs apply" or similar. The program’s official rules, or a clear link to official rules, must be present on the landing page.
Ads must not misrepresent the odds of winning. For example, ads must not indicate or imply that everyone wins.
The policies in this section apply to ads promoting movies, TV shows, and video games. In developing these policies, Amazon considered ad content, ad placement, the landing page content, and the title's rating, to ensure that your campaigns are suitable for the targeted audience.
Blood and Gore
Ads must not depict excessive violence or gore, such as dismemberments, open wounds, or excessive bleeding. Except for Homepage placements, ads on Amazon may feature minor traces of blood in context with the title promoted, but without additional elements of violence or gore. For content that depicts weapons, please see the Weapons section below.
Religious Content
Amazon prohibits content that advocates or demeans a religion. Ads may contain references to a specific religion or faith in a historical or fictional context if the primary purpose is to entertain
Trailer Ratings
If the trailer has not been rated separately from the title, the restrictions listed below will be based on the rating of the title. If the trailer has been rated separately to the title, the restrictions below apply based on the rating of the trailer, but the ad must include the age rating of the title if the title is rated age 12 and up.
If the rating is G, PG, TV-Y, TV-Y7, TV-G, TV-PG, EC, E, E10, or local equivalents, the ads can run in-banner autoplay.
If the rating is PG-13, TV-14, T, or local equivalents, the ads can run on autoplay with the identification of the rating.
If the rating is R, TV-MA, M, or local equivalents, the ad can only run on landing pages as customer-initiated videos.
Ads for NC17 movies and AO video games, or local equivalents, are prohibited on
Amazon even if the ad features a green-band trailer.
Ratings bugs are not required for ads running off Amazon.
On FireTV, ratings bugs must be placed on the static portions of an ad when they are required.
In Canada, when the rating varies between provinces with the same ratings system, ads should use the highest rating; ads should contain both the Quebec rating and the rating for other provinces.
Additional restrictions may apply. Please contact your account support for more information.
7.6 Financial Products and Services
General Requirements
Advertisers must only target those locales where they are licensed and also meet all applicable licensing requirements in each of the locale(s). Where required by local law/regulations, ads and/or landing pages must adequately inform the customer of any risks or costs associated with the product.
Amazon prohibits ads for the following products and services:
• Cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency exchanges, initial coin offerings (ICO) and binary options.
• Get-rich-quick and pyramid schemes.
• Short-term high-interest loans (including, but not limited to, “payday” loans), with a repayment period under 12 months and an APR of more than 50%.
Credit services
• Credit card acquisition campaigns must de-target customers that are currently using that card on Amazon.
• Ads for credit services cannot encourage customers to take out credit or a loan to shop online.
• Ads that contain special offers must indicate that terms and conditions apply. The terms and conditions, or a clear link to terms and conditions, must be clearly and conspicuously disclosed in the ad or the landing page close to the offer. The landing page must prominently present substantial content about the offer advertised. See Disclosures for more information.
• Examples of acceptable acquisition messaging/CTA: “Sign Up,” “Apply Now,” “Get Started,” “Find my card” or similar.
• Amazon co-branded or private brand card ads can link out only under the following conditions:
• The campaign is designed to drive awareness or highlight other non-acquisition-related activities.
• Acquisition messaging must not be present in the main body of the landing page, but links can be available as part of the website’s standard navigation.
Payment service providers
• We prohibit ads for payment solutions for businesses.
• Ads for offline payment solutions, and online payment solutions that are linked to a bank account/card or that are peer-to-peer payments only are permitted.
Banks: Current and Savings Accounts
These campaigns are approved across all placements, except H1. If an ad is associated with Amazon, it may be permitted to run on the H1 placement with Amazon pre-approval.
Loan Products
Loan products include, but are not limited to, home equity, credit card cash advances. These ads can run across all placements, except H1.
Ads for short-term high-interest loans (including, but not limited to, “payday” loans, with a repayment period under 12 months and an APR of more than 50%) are not permitted.
Brokerage Accounts
This policy applies to ads for opening general brokerage accounts, and low-risk accounts with tax-exempt or tax-deferred benefits:
• Ads must drive customers to a site for opening a brokerage account, not directly to a site for trading derivative products.
• Ads must not infer or imply guaranteed success.
• Account fees, such as brokerage fee, management/advisory fee, trade commission, mutual fund transaction fee, etc. must be clearly communicated in ads or a landing page.
• Ads must be pre-approved by Amazon.
Placement: Approved for Amazon (except H1) and off Amazon.
Trading Investment
Blocked placements: Amazon, Fire devices, Boxes, Prime Now bags, and In-ship.
(1) Securities: Stocks by a specific company or bonds by a specific company/country are blocked. Ads for a basket of securities, such as mutual funds, ETFs, etc. are approved. Financial institution ads with generic copy, such as “buy stocks,” are approved.
(2) Derivatives and foreign exchanges are approved, unless high-risk options (including, but not limited to, binary options and spread betting) are promoted.
Insurance Products
Insurance products include, but are not limited to: mortgage insurance, life insurance, medical insurance, travel insurance, and personal liability insurance.
• Ads running on Amazon must focus on the positive outcome of insurance products (for example, “Rest assured that your home is protected”) rather than negative emotions like fear or anxiety (for example, “If there was a house fire, would you lose everything?”).
Placement requirements:
• Ads for insurance products can run on Boxes, Prime Now bags, and In-ship only if they are associated with Amazon.
Pay-Over-Time Services
Pay-over-time services that allow customers to split a payment into interest-free installments are approved with the following restrictions:
• Advertised service must be an accepted payment system on Amazon
• Ads cannot target based on income
• Ads cannot encourage customers to spend more than they can afford
• Ads cannot run on Homepages
Gambling Products and Services
The policies in this section apply to i) ads for online gambling (which we define as any online product or service where money or other items of value are wagered in exchange for the opportunity to win prizes with real-world value based on the outcome of the game), and ii) offline gambling (such as brick and mortar casinos).
Note that ads for brick and mortar establishments that do not promote gambling are not subject to this policy (except in Brazil where this is also prohibited). For example, a travel ad for a stay at a local casino-resort that does not mention gambling.
Ads for gambling services are only permitted in some locales. Here is a quick view of permitted and prohibited locales. Please see section below for policy requirements that apply to gambling ads in permitted locales.
Permitted Prohibited
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, U.K.
Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, India, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, U.S.
Self-serve advertisers are ineligible for gambling advertising globally, except Japan.
Hemp products can be advertised in US, CA, DE, FRITES, NL, UK, MX, and AU subject to the policies below.Prohibited Hemp Products
Products that contain or imply that they contain CBD, including products that are promoted as "Full Spectrum Hemp Oil", “Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil” or "Rich Hemp Oil."
Prohibited Hemp Content
Products in this category must not:
• Be associated with or encourage the consumption of illicit drugs.
• Reference any psychoactive effect of the product.
• Claim to cure, prevent or treat a disease, addiction or ailment, such as cancer, arthritis, or anxiety (products to ease pet separation anxiety are permitted).
• Products that claim to support general wellness, ease tension, and assist with stress relief are permitted.
Restricted Hemp Content
• Images of hemp leaves are not permitted on homepages or Fire devices.
• For hemp supplements, images of hemp leaves can only appear on product packaging.
• For other permitted categories, images of hemp leaves can be used in ads (except on homepages/Fire devices) but must not reference or imply drug use or psychoactive effects, e.g. a hemp leaf surrounded by psychedelic colours or smoke is not acceptable.

Placement Acceptability by Sub-Category
Products Placements
Consumable hemp:
• Hemp hearts
• Hemp herbal teas
• Hemp seeds and powders
• Hemp supplements
• Hemp oils (not "full spectrum" etc.)
• Hemp protein Prohibited: HP, Fire Devices
Hemp supplements that reference stress relief can only run in contextual placements onsite, in line with the standard targeting policies.
Beauty products that contain hemp:
• Skin creams
• Shampoos
• Moisturizers
• Toothpaste Prohibited: HP, Fire Devices
Consumable hemp for pets Prohibited: HP, Fire Devices
Non-consumable hemp:
• Backpacks
• Mats
• Wallets
• Twine and Rope No placement restrictions.

Intellectual Property and Personal Rights
Amazon prohibits ads that infringe on the intellectual property, privacy, publicity, or other legal rights of any person or entity.

You must obtain all necessary rights and permissions for your ads.

Ads must not feature the names, likenesses, voices (including look-alikes and sound-alikes), or other identifying features of an individual without the individual’s consent.

Rightsholders and their agents can report alleged copyright, trademark, or right of publicity infringement by filling out this form. If we receive a complaint regarding intellectual property related to an ad served by us, we will encourage the alleged rightsholder and advertiser to communicate directly. Amazon will not act as a mediator of disputes between them. We may or may not process a takedown request based on its independent assessment of each complaint.

Job Sites
Ads for job sites must not state or imply that our customers need a better career, quit their job, have been laid off, or are under/overqualified for what they currently do. Ads may not run on Amazon.

Nudity and Sexuality
Ads must not feature overtly sexual imagery and images of fully naked intimate body parts. Amazon considers placement, local cultural sensitives, and the product or service advertised in determining whether an ad featuring partial nudity or mildly provocative images may be appropriate or not.
Ads must not show fully visible intimate body parts: genitals, female breasts, and buttocks.
Ads may feature partial nudity (models showing bare skin without revealing any intimate parts) if relevant to the product or service promoted. For example, an image of a woman in a bikini may be used to promote bikinis, but the same image cannot be used to promote a car because a woman in a bikini is not relevant to a vehicle.
Ads must not feature sexually provocative images and references, including, but not limited to:
• People in poses emulating a sexual position or alluding to sexual activity whether clothed or unclothed.
• Sexually suggestive poses such as the parting of the legs or accentuation of the hip along with amorous or sexually passionate facial expressions.
• Poses such as hands on the hips, gripping of hair in conjunction with a sexually suggestive facial expression.
• Drawing undue attention to body parts, such as breasts or buttocks, in a sexual way (for example, exposure of breasts or excessive focus on the cleavage).
• Facial or bodily expression indicative of an orgasm.
• Suggestive undressing, such as pulling down a bra strap or underwear.
• Models in erotic lingerie such as stockings, suspenders or paraphernalia such as whips and chains.
• Sexual innuendo in text or image.
This section covers our ad policies for clothing including underwear, bathing suits and athletic wear.
Product/pack shots:
Underwear: product images/pack shots that do not feature a model are permitted for all placements with the exception of homepages and Fire devices. If an image of a model wearing the product is clearly visible on the pack shot, then the policy for lifestyle images will apply.
Other garments: product images/pack shots are permitted for all placements if they do not otherwise breach our policies e.g. an image of a t-shirt with an obscene slogan would be blocked for all placements.
Lifestyle images:
The following types of lifestyle image are prohibited for all placements:
Images that have been tightly cropped to focus on intimate body parts such as the breasts, buttocks, or groin.
Transparent garments that expose intimate body parts.
Images that show models partially undressed in an unnatural setting, such as outdoors.
Ads featuring lifestyle images may be subject to placement/targeting restrictions based on a number of factors including:
• The type of garment worn
• The amount of bare skin that is visible
• The model’s pose and facial expression
• The nature of any interaction between models
• The setting for the image
Online Dating
Amazon prohibits dating ads on Amazon properties, from self-serve advertisers, and in India.
For ads off Amazon, ad copy or sites that promote casual sexual encounters/hookups, and brides by mail sites are prohibited. Ads that imply there is a possibility of meeting specific individuals by depicting their profile picture(s) are prohibited.
Healthcare - Prescription (Rx), Over-the-Counter (OTC), Supplements and Medical Devices
The policies in this section differ based on the product or service advertised, the placement, locale, and the medical condition treated. In addition to the requirements listed in these policies, Amazon may impose other targeting and placement restrictions based on the sensitivity of the medical condition treated by, or associated to, the product or service promoted. Please engage your customer support to learn more.
We prohibit ads for the following products and services:
• Medical procedures, including cosmetic procedures like Botox for anti-aging, CoolSculpting, and plastic surgery.
• Solicitations for medical trials and research.
• Healthcare practitioners, such as doctors or acupuncturists (ads for hospitals, education establishments, or health insurance are permitted; telehealth ads are permitted off Amazon only.).
• Fat burners and fat blockers.
• (NZ): Ads for healthcare services are permitted, but must state the name and address of the advertiser.
The below categories are blocked:
• Anti-radiation products (including electromagnetic field protection and radiation neutralizing or shielding products)
• CBD (any and all products containing)
• Emergency contraception (i.e. ‘the morning after pill’)
• Ephedra and ephedrine products
• Herbal supplements and products that mimic the effect of illegal substances (so-called “legal highs”)
• Ma Huang supplements
• Opioid-induced constipation
• Substances containing salvia divinorum or salvinorin A
• Testosterone boosters
General Requirements
The following apply to all healthcare/medical products referenced in these policies (prescription, OTC, nutritional/health supplements, and medical devices):
• Behavioral targeting is generally prohibited. Amazon may impose other targeting and placement restrictions based on the sensitivity of the medical condition treated by, or associated to, the product or service promoted. Please engage your customer support to learn more.
• Ad copy and landing pages must not use unsupported or exaggerated claims or set unrealistic expectations of the effectiveness of the products.
• Ads for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) cannot contain the following specific claims:
• FDA Approved
• Federal Drug Administration Approved
• F.D.A. Approved
• Please note, this does not extend to related claims such as "FDA certified," or on the "FDA/EUA list."
• These claims still require substantiation on the PDP or product packaging.
Prescription medicines
Ads for prescription medicines are only permitted in the US and NZ, provided compliance with the requirements listed below, and prohibited in all other locales.
For Canada, prescription drugs can be advertised but must: have an approved Drug Identification Number (DIN); be informational only; and only contain the brand name, price, and quantity of the prescription drug.
Campaigns must comply with the following requirements:
• Ads for the sale of prescription medicines and branding campaigns are permitted.
• Ads cannot drive to ecommerce-enabled landing pages, nor can ads contain details about where the product can be purchased.
• Price and savings claims are not permitted.
• Advertisers must only promote those medicines that are approved by the local regulatory authorities for the condition treated in each of the locales where the ads will run. For example, a prescription drug approved for Canada must not be advertised in the US, unless it has also been approved by the FDA for the US.
• Disclosures and Important Safety Information (ISI):
• Desktop placements on Amazon only: can only take up to 33% of the ad unit's height.
• If the disclosure has a scrolling bar, it must comply with the policies for animation.
• Ads must not run in the following placements:
• Kindle screensaver
• Fire Tablet Wake Screens
• Fire TV
Over-the-Counter medicines (OTC)
Ads must only promote those medicines that are approved by the local regulatory authorities for the condition treated in each of the locales where your ads will run.
Ads cannot state that the OTC is as effective as a prescription drug.
Ads for air-purifying or particulate-filtering respirators, also known as respirators or PPE face masks, must comply with and indicate the industry-approved designation (for example, AS/NZ 1716:2012 in Australia, ABNT/NBR 13698:2011 in Brazil, EN 149 in Europe, JMHLW-Notification 214, 2018 in Japan and NIOSH in the US) that exactly matches the promoted product. Ads for non-respirator face masks, surgical masks, and cloth masks, are permitted except when they contain misleading or false claims (such as alphanumerical designations outside of approved standards).
Supplements (Nutritional/Health)
It is the advertiser’s responsibility to ensure that all claims for nutritional/health supplements are accurate and compliant with locale laws and rules.
Ads must not claim that a nutritional/health supplement can treat, cure, or reduce the risk of, a disease or medical condition.
Supplements require substantiation on all product detail pages.
Durable Medical Equipment (DME)/Non-Rx Medical Devices
All medical equipment referenced in this policy is OTC and does not follow prescription (Rx) restrictions.
Ads for Professional Medical Devices are prohibited.
Non-prescription medical devices can be advertised under the following conditions:
• Ads must not run in the following placements (with the exception of vision care):
• Kindle screensaver
• Fire Tablet Wake Screens
• Fire TV
• If you are able to infer a health condition based on the type of equipment there will be restrictions on placement and targeting.
Security Products
Ads for security products such as Internet Security or Credit Card Security must link-in to Amazon. The ad copy must not contain scare tactics such as the mention of viruses, identity theft, and malware.
Please note that this policy does not apply to security claims in ads that are not for security products. For example, ads for banks and credit card companies that refer to their security protections can link to destinations off Amazon.
Survey Banners
We only permit advertiser brand lift surveys pre-approved by Amazon. Other survey-type ads are prohibited.
Brand lift surveys must comply with the following requirements:
• Ads must include the logo or brand name of the survey company
• Ads and web pages presented to the customer for the survey (including recruitment invitation and questions) must have a clear and visible link to the survey provider's privacy policy.
• Note: As mobile banners cannot include a link to a privacy policy, a link to the privacy policy on the landing page is sufficient
Placement-specific requirements
• Desktop and mobile homepages, Wakescreen, and Fire TV: survey banner ads are prohibited.
• Ads in permitted locations on Amazon, and off Amazon:
• If the advertiser paid for a brand lift survey banner ad, the ad must prominently feature "Not an survey; for research purposes only."
• If the ad was paid for by Amazon, the ad must prominently feature “For research purposes only.”
Weapons (content featuring weapons)
The policies in this section restrict ad content featuring weapons to protect our customers from uncomfortable or shocking experiences.
Amazon prohibits ads for the sale of weapons.
Military equipment
Ads may feature images of military equipment and vehicles (tanks, warplanes, helicopters, etc.) showing the weapons firing if people are not in peril and if the ad does not otherwise depict excessive violence.
Hunting, shooting, and outdoor gear
Explicit or implied references to hunting are not permitted. Ads for hunting weapons and weapon accessories are blocked. Non-weapon hunting equipment with alternate uses that can also be associated with hunting or shooting can be allowed to advertise, but must avoid direct references to hunting or violence. Amazon pre-approval is required for all ad campaigns in this category.
The following hunting- or weapon-related products and content are always prohibited:
• Direct or indirect references to hunting
• Holsters
• Targets with a human outline or the image of a person or animal
• Weapons and weapon accessories
• Copy promoting a product as military- or police-grade (or similar language)
• Images of weapons or ammunition
• Violent or threatening images or copy
Non-weapon hunting equipment:
• Non-weapon hunting equipment that is not directly associated with a gun or other hunting weapons – such as a hunting vest, blind, or binoculars – is approved to advertise with the following restrictions:
• Blocked from homepage placements and Fire devices.
• Ad copy and creative must not refer to violence or hunting, either directly or indirectly, and cannot feature images of weapons or animals.
• Ads running on Amazon must use hunting and fishing-related targeting. Please engage your customer support for specific targeting guidance.
• These guidelines do not apply to weapon accessories, such as gun scopes, which are not approved to advertise in any placement.
Non-weapon sport shooting equipment:
• Non-weapon sport shooting equipment such as targets, goggles, or carrying cases are approved to advertise offsite only. Ads must not:
• Contain any images of weapons or ammunition.
• Show the product in use or having recently been in use (for example, showing bullet holes in a target).
• Contain ad copy that refers to violence.
General multi-purpose camping knives are not considered weapons and are approved to advertise in contextual placements only (they are blocked from homepage placements and Fire devices). This does not apply to knives intended to be used as weapons, for hunting, or for the dismemberment of hunted animals, which are prohibited. Ads must not:
• Feature any violent text or images, or contain any content that implies violent uses for the product.
• Show the weapon used in a threatening manner, such as pointed at a person or animal, or pointed out toward the customer.
• Reference hunting.
General outdoor-use equipment not specifically linked to hunting is permitted on all placements.
Foods, supermarkets, food delivery, and restaurants
Baby Formula/Infant Formula
Amazon prohibits ads for formula for infants aged under 6 months.
Ads may promote follow-on formula intended for infants aged 6 months and up (except in Luxembourg).
Ads must not:
• Confuse follow-on formula with infant formula (for example, by referring to the product as “formula” without any age qualification).
• Compare follow-on formula to breastmilk, or state or imply that it is equal or superior to breastmilk. We prohibit the use of terms like "inspired by breastmilk," "maternalised" and similar.
• Contain images or text relating to the feeding or care of infants under the age of 6 months (for example, an image of a new-born in a hospital right after delivery).
• Discourage breastfeeding or encourage formula as a replacement to breastfeeding.
• Target nursing mothers through pre or post-natal targeting segments related to the nursing of infants of any age.
Locale Restrictions
AU Ads for formula for infants aged under 12 months are prohibited.
BR Ads for infant formula and follow-on formula for infants under the age of 12 months are prohibited.

Ads for baby feeding products such as baby feeding bottles, pacifiers and nipples are prohibited.

Ads for follow-on formula for toddlers, transitional food for infants and toddlers and all dairy milks must display the following warning: “O aleitamento materno evita infecções e alergias e é recomendado até os 2 anos de idade ou mais" ("Breastfeeding prevents infections and allergies and is recommended until 2 years of age or older").
DE Ads for infant formula are prohibited.
DK Ads for infant formula and follow-on formula are prohibited.
ES Ads for infant formula are prohibited.

References to breastfeeding or the nutritional needs of babies are prohibited.
FI Ads for infant formula are prohibited.
FR Ads for infant formula are prohibited.
IN Ads for infant formula, follow-on formula, and baby feeding products such as baby feeding bottles are prohibited.
IT Ads for infant formula are prohibited.
LUX Ads for infant and follow-on formula are prohibited.
MX Ads for infant formula are prohibited.
NL Ads for infant formula are prohibited.
NO Ads for infant formula and follow-on formula are prohibited.
SG Ads for infant formula and follow-on formula are prohibited.
SE Ads for infant formula and follow-on formula are prohibited.
UK Ads for infant formula are prohibited.

Supermarkets, Grocers, and Food Retailers
Supermarkets are not permitted to link off Amazon.
Restaurant delivery apps/services
This section covers all ready to eat food delivery, including quick service restaurants (so-called ‘fast food’).
Third party delivery apps
Third party delivery apps such as Just Eat and Deliveroo are permitted but cannot promote grocery delivery when running on Amazon.
App campaigns on Fire devices
Ads on Fire devices cannot drive to non-Amazon appstores. We can run awareness campaigns for delivery apps on Fire devices but the ad must not imply it is driving to app download unless it is driving to the Fire app store.
Ads on desktop/mobile may drive to non-Amazon app stores.
Product Recalls, Caregivers, Professional Services, and Real Estate
Product Recalls
Ads for product recalls are permitted with the below restrictions:
Campaigns for product categories sold on Amazon must run on placements off Amazon only.
Categories not sold on Amazon: Autos recall campaigns may run onsite. All others require Amazon pre-approval before running on Amazon.
Ads for caregivers and/or caregiving-related services may only run off Amazon.
Professional Services
Ads for Professional services such as lawyers/legal firms may only run off Amazon.
Real Estate
Ads for Real estate services such as housing searches may only run off Amazon.
Ads for specific dwellings, apartments, and buildings are prohibited.
• Ads are approved for on Amazon (off homepages) and off Amazon.
• Ads cannot use audience segments by income, gender, or age.
• Ads cannot contain messaging, images, and floor plans that indicate a specific apartment or dwelling. Images or floor plans that are clarified as "sample" are approved.

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