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Gambling & Games

Policy Date:

Apr 13, 2022

• The policies in this section apply to i) ads for online gambling (which we define as any online product or service where money or other items of value are wagered in exchange for the opportunity to win prizes with real-world value based on the outcome of the game), and ii) offline gambling (such as brick and mortar casinos).
• Note that ads for brick and mortar establishments that do not promote gambling are not subject to this policy (except in Brazil where this is also prohibited). For example, a travel ad for a stay at a local casino-resort that does not mention gambling.
• Gambling ads can only run in the following locales: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the UK, and Japan. Please see section below for policy requirements that apply to gambling ads in permitted locales.
• Gambling ads are prohibited in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Finland, India, Israel, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, and the US
• Self-serve advertisers are ineligible for gambling advertising globally, except Japan.
• In those locales where online gambling ads are permitted, the following general requirements apply in addition to the placement and locale requirements listed below.
• All online gambling advertisers and all of their ads must be pre-approved by Amazon.
• You must comply with all applicable licensing requirements in each of the locale(s) where your ads will show. For example, you must have a license in good standing issued by the UK Gambling Commission for the entire duration of your campaign to promote gambling products and services in the UK.
• If the ad includes special offers or promotions, the ad copy must include Terms & Conditions “T&Cs apply” (or similar). The relevant Ts&Cs must be available on the landing page, or be directly linked to from the landing page (one click away). The ad copy must communicate when the offer is limited to new customers only.
• Misrepresent the odds of winning or the risks of gambling. For example, ads must not claim that gambling is “risk-free” unless the customer’s losing stake is refunded in full (as cash and not as free bet tokens or credit).
• Target at or be likely to appeal to underage individuals (models in gambling ads must be, and appear to be, age 25 and older).
• Depict or refer to alcohol or the consumption of alcohol.
• Depict or refer to behavior associated with problem gambling.
• Encourage what could be considered excessive or pathological gambling.
• Deny that gambling can trigger potential risks or lead to addiction.
• Encourage individuals to play beyond their means or refer to consumer credit services.
• Link gambling to social, financial, or sexual success.
• Represent gambling as a means of solving financial problems or as an alternative to employment.
• Claim or imply that a player’s experience, competence or skill reduces or removes the uncertainty of winning or allows a continuous winning.
• Imply that a game that is easy to play is also easy to win.
• Gambling ads on Amazon are prohibited.
• Ads off Amazon must exclude websites aimed at children and young adults.
• You must only target those locales where the gambling product or service promoted is duly licensed. For example, a gambling service licensed in the UK cannot be promoted in France, unless it is also licensed in France.
• Amazon permits gambling ads only in the locales listed below, subject to local licensing requirements and subject to the corresponding policy requirements.
• Promotion of brick and mortar casinos is permitted
• Promotion of online gambling is permitted
• Promotion is limited to gambling providers located in Austria or within the European Economic Area, if they hold all required licenses and comply with protective rules in gambling
• Ads for online gambling are permitted provided the advertiser holds a license from the Gambling Commission.
• Ads must not refer to sign-up bonuses, free gifts or in-game gifts
• Ads must include the following age related warning: “Gok met mate!” (in Dutch) or “Jouez avec modération!" (in French)
• Ads must not refer to or feature sportsmen or women.
• Ads for online games of chance and bricks and mortar casinos are permitted provided the advertiser holds a license under the Danish Gambling Act.
• Ads for specific online games/ games played at bricks and mortar casinos must include:
• The age limit of the game/to enter the casino;
• The Danish Gambling Authority’s (“DGA”) helpline; and
• The disclaimer “terms and conditions apply.”
• Ads must feature a warning message against excessive or pathological gambling and an active link to the French Institute of Health Prevention and Education (
• Ads (not including branding campaigns) must inform customers about risks of addiction, prohibition of the participation of minors, and the possibility of advice and therapy. These requirements do not apply to branding campaigns.
• If the ad contains information on maximum winnings, the respective probability of winning and losing must be indicated within the ad. For example, "Gewinnchance 1:[XXX]. Spielteilnahme ab 18 Jahren. Glücksspiel kann süchtig machen. Nähere Informationen und Hilfe unter [XXX].”
• Promotion of online gambling is permitted with restrictions (below).
• Promotion of brick and mortar casinos is permitted with restrictions (below).
• Marketing communications for gambling should not:
• Suggest that gambling can provide an escape from personal, professional or educational problems such as loneliness or depression;
• Portray gambling as indispensable or as taking priority in life; for example, over family, friends or professional or educational commitments;
• Suggest gambling is a rite of passage; or
• Suggest that solitary gambling is preferable to social gambling.
• Ads for online gambling are prohibited
• Ads for offline games of chance are permitted provided the advertiser holds a gambling license from the Ministry of Justice.
• Ads for online gambling are prohibited
• Ads for offline games of chance are permitted provided the advertiser holds a gambling license from the Netherlands Gambling Authority (Kansspelautoriteit). Therefore, ads for brick and mortar casinos operated by Holland Casino, the Dutch state lottery and licensed charity lotteries are permitted.
• Only ads for the following state-owned gambling companies are permitted:
• Norsk Tipping
• Norsk Rikstoto
• Ads for bricks and mortar casinos are prohibited.
• Ads must include a link to
• Landing pages must link to either the operator's responsible gambling website or a generic source of information (such as, and to license status page in the UK Gambling Commission website.
• Only the following government-controlled gambling is allowed.
• Lottery (Takara-kuji)
• Sport Lottery (Toto)
• Horseracing (Keiba)
• Bike Race (Keirin)
• Boat Race (Kyotei)
• Motorcycle Race
• Host organizations can run ads only for their race announcement. Ads for online betting is prohibited. Ads must include a clearly legible message, “The age of 20 and older are qualified for wagering.” Self-serve advertisers are permitted with the appropriate administration by Amazon.
• Ads for online gambling are permitted provided the advertiser holds a gambling license from the Swedish Gambling Authority.
• Marketing of gambling must comply with the Swedish Gambling Act (2018:1138), the Swedish Gambling Ordinance (2018:1475) and the Swedish Marketing Act which requires that marketing must be "moderate" and only focus on providing the customer with relevant, objective information.
• Ads must contain:
• The minimum age to gamble (18)
• Contact details for the responsible gambling organization, “Spelpaus”

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