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Medical Content & Topics

Policy Date:

Apr 13, 2022

• Ads for prescription medicines are only permitted in the US and NZ, provided compliance with the requirements listed below, and prohibited in all other locales.
• For Canada, prescription drugs can be advertised but must: have an approved Drug Identification Number (DIN); be informational only; and only contain the brand name, price, and quantity of the prescription drug.
• Ads for the sale of prescription medicines and branding campaigns are permitted.
• Ads cannot drive to ecommerce enabled landing pages nor can ads contain details about where the product can be purchased.
• Price and savings claims are permitted (for example, savings card to get prescription drug for $5).
• Ads must only promote those medicines that are approved by the local regulatory authorities for the condition treated in each of the locales where the ads will run. For example, a prescription drug approved for Canada must not be advertised in the US, unless it has been approved by the FDA for the US as well.
• Disclosures and Important Safety Information (ISI) on Amazon can only take up to 33% of the ad unit's height. If the disclosure has a scrolling bar, it cannot scroll automatically.
• Ads for prescription drugs are prohibited on Kindle screensaver, Fire Tablet wake screens, and Fire TV.
• Ads cannot describe the medical condition or the product itself. Ads may only contain the brand, a price or savings when applicable, and a CTA.

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