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Financial Products & Services, including Crypto

Policy Date:

Apr 13, 2022

• Cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency exchanges, initial coin offerings (ICO) and binary options.
• Get-rich-quick and pyramid schemes.
• Ads for shares in investment funds and real estate funds must concurrently refer to the published prospectus and the customer information document. It must be indicated how and in which language the prospectus and the information documents are made available and accessible. Regarding real estate funds, the ad must give a reference to: the published prospectus, any changes thereto, and the publishing body, date of issuance, date of notification, and how the prospectus is published as well where it can be collected.
• Advertising must be fair and distinct, identifiable as such, not misleading and not in contradiction to the prospectus and the customer information document. References to former performances must contain a notice that a former performance in the past does not reliably imply a future development of the fund.
• Ads for offshore financial products and services are prohibited.
• Ads for any financial product offered with an APR of 25% or more are prohibited.
• Ads for financial products and services must carry the following warning: "Failure to repay the loan or credit may result in a charge of arrears interest and enforcement proceedings."
• Ads for ‘pay day’ loans are prohibited.
• Ads offering consumer credit must include: the company name; the effective annual yearly interest rate and effective amount repayable
• In order to run financial services advertisements in the UK, advertisers must be authorized by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (UK FCA).

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