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Medical Content & Topics

Policy Date:

Apr 13, 2022

• The policies in this section differ based on the product or service advertised, the placement, locale, and the medical condition treated. In addition to the requirements listed in these policies, Amazon may impose other targeting and placement restrictions based on the sensitivity of the medical condition treated by, or associated to, the product or service promoted. Please engage your customer support to learn more.
• Ads and landing pages must not use unsupported or exaggerated claims or set unrealistic expectations of the effectiveness of the product, and cannot explicitly reference intimate bodily functions or potentially embarrassing conditions.
• Amazon prohibits ads for the following products and services:
• Fat burners and fat blockers.
• Online pharmacies.
• Healthcare practitioners, such as doctors or acupuncturists (ads for hospitals, education, or health insurance are permitted).
Illegal or sensitive pharmaceuticals.
• Medical procedures, including cosmetic procedures like Botox for anti-aging, CoolSculpting, and plastic surgery.
• Solicitations for medical trials and research.
• (NZ): Ads for healthcare services are permitted, but must state the name and address of the advertiser.

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