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Regulated or Illegal Goods & Services

Policy Date:

Apr 13, 2022

• Aerosol paint
• Airsoft/BB guns, paintball guns
• Alcohol recovery or hangover cures or treatments
• Anti-radiation products (including electromagnetic field protection and radiation neutralizing or shielding products)
• Coupon sites
• Cryptocurrencies
• Escort services, adult dating, sex toys and merchandise
• Etching creams
• Fat burners and fat blockers
• Fertility clinics and research
• Free non-Kindle ebooks (except on Seller Central)
• Get-rich-quick and pyramid schemes
• Handgun safety certificates
• Illicit and recreational drugs, drug paraphernalia, drug testing equipment, or products to beat drug tests
• Oils, supplements, or ingestibles that are derived from or contain hemp, cannabidiol (CBD), THC, or otherwise related to cannabis
• Medical procedures and research
• Tobacco or tobacco-related products, including e-cigarettes
• Knives (except for kitchen knives, cutlery, and general multi-purpose camping knives).
• Lethal and non-lethal weapon sales, including guns, gun parts, kits, mace, black powder, and ammunition.
• Loyalty/affinity/rewards and related content
• Malware, scareware, or spyware
• Online pharmacies
• Pre-natal gender selection and determination test products and services
• Premium pay-per-call services, such as 900 numbers in the US.
• Products, services, technology, or website content that i) infringes, encourages or enables the infringement of the intellectual property or personal rights of others, or ii) promotes any illegal or dangerous activity, including false document services, counterfeit designer goods, cable descramblers, fireworks, or websites that promote hacking or evading law enforcement.
• Psychics and related content.
• Products that are ineligible for sale or do not comply with Amazon’s Category, Product, and Listing Restrictions.
• Religious or spiritual services
• Short-term high-interest loans with a repayment period under 12 months and an APR of more than 50% (or 25% in Denmark)
• Tattooing and body branding
• Ticket resellers (Australia and New Zealand only)
• UV tanning services and equipment
• Weapons
• Illegal or sensitive pharmaceutical products and services

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