VP of Digital Transformation (Trust & Safety)


Denver, CO

United States



Date Posted:

Aug 3, 2022


• Smart and Decisive with Data: The ability to identify patterns across situations that are not related and to identify fundamental or underlying issues in complex problems using data
• Transformational Leader - Empathy, E.I. & Resilience: Awareness and understanding of your strengths, limitations, values, how you best perform, and your ability to manage feelings, thoughts, and behaviors - leading to successful interactions and relationships
• Agile Mindset: Promote the culture of continuous feedback and improvement, allowing teams to react quickly to change, preventing issues by progress speed optimization, and enabling teams to re-route as necessary, based on the dynamic BPO cadence
• Adaptability: The ability to effectively adapt to various situations, individuals, or groups, understand and appreciate different and opposing perspectives, adapting the approach as the requirements change
• Global Thinker: The ability to develop a broad, big-picture view of Teleperformance and its mission, considering threats, trends, opportunities, and stakeholder focus, links long-range vision to daily work
• Innovative and Creative: The ability to imagine something new and realize it
• Purposeful and Impactful: Constantly aware of the reason for doing, the significance of what you are doing, and the effect it will have
• Infinite Learner: Forever curious to pursue learning opportunities provided, discovers their own, and constantly learns on the job
• Digitally Smart: Adapt rapidly to new technology when needed, including integrating and accepting new system tools, applications, and methods-employing technology to optimize organizational and individual performance
• 15+ years of work experience in consulting, business transformation, BPO, or a related field
• Must have at least five years of Trust & Safety experience and a good understanding of the market segments and value chain
• Experience at a VP/Senior Director level
• Undergraduate/Master's degree in business management or a related field
• Technical certifications beneficial (e.g., Automation Anywhere, Celonis, UI Path)