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Trust and Safety Analyst


New York, NY

United States



Date Posted:

Jul 11, 2022


• Minimum of three years of work experience, ideally in law, regulatory compliance, government affairs, policymaking, or related fields
• Ability to handle highly sensitive matters with discretion
• Ability to abide by stringent confidentiality expectations and requirements, including in situations in which such expectations and requirements are mandated by law, regulation, court order, industry standards, and/or company policy
• Extremely strong attention to detail; highly organized
• Enthusiastic about using productivity tools and technology, both collaboratively and independently, to organize, automate, and optimize business processes and job functions
• Robust experience with Microsoft Office suite (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint) and other office productivity tools
• Excellent writing and proofreading skills
• Deep commitment to free speech values
• Strict adherence to, and promotion of, data security / cybersecurity best practices
• Demonstrated ability to meet a demanding work schedule (especially in initial three to six months) in a professional office environment
• Bachelor’s degree, with a minimum GPA of 3.5+ (humanities / social sciences degrees) / 3.0+ (STEM degrees) / 3.3+ (mixed/dual concentration degrees), and/or law degree
• Strong interest in legal and regulatory compliance, especially relating to emerging industries and the technology sector
• Experience in training or overseeing junior staff and/or third-party / external vendors, service providers, and contractors
• A mindset of continuous improvement for operational excellence
• Experience in working collaboratively with various teams throughout an organization to troubleshoot and solve problems
• Excellent written and oral communication skills necessary to produce and process documents relating to policy analysis and regulatory compliance
• Excellent problem-solving skills, analytical skills, and a solution-oriented disposition
• Availability to provide on-call / back-up support as needed, particularly during pre-scheduled on-call rotations (not on holidays / paid time off)

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