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Splunk System Development Eng, Devices & Services, Trust & Safety


Aberdeen, MD, USA

United States



Date Posted:

Sep 30, 2022


• 3+ years managing, administrating, and engineering a large Splunk infrastructure.
• 3+ years of experience managing servers, networks, and infrastructure on Linux in a cloud environment.
• 5+ years of Systems administration, shell scripting experience, and one other higher level scripting language (Python, Ruby, NodeJS, etc.).
• Experience with search processing language (SPL), RegEx, reporting, dashboard development, and search acceleration techniques.
• Experience with Splunk systems management in large clustered environments in AWS.
• Experience scripting with the Splunk REST API.
• Good knowledge of Splunk data ingestion, field extraction, and post-ingestion processing.
• Deep knowledge of Splunk behavior in automation tasks which includes Splunk App deployments, rolling restarts, Splunk App updates, and infrastructure updating/upgrading.
• Configuration Management and Infrastructure-as-Code: Ansible, Terraform, CloudFormation, CDK
• Working knowledge of a Scripting language – Python, Ruby, Bash; in concert with the AWS SDK.
• Experience using core AWS services in production - EC2, ELB, Route53, AutoScaling, IAM, S3, Lambda.
• CI / CD automation – AWS CodePipeline, Bitbucket, Gitlab, Jenkins.
• Ability to work across time zones and teams.
• Splunk Architect Certification strongly preferred.
• SmartStore and Workload Management experience strongly preferred.
• Data Engineering experience (Kafka, Kinesis, Logstash, Filebeat, Vector) strongly preferred.

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