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Software Engineer, Backend (Trust & Safety)


Burlington, VT, USA

United States



Date Posted:

Aug 26, 2022


• We are looking for an experienced backend engineer who is passionate about building highly available, highly scalable systems and services to power the core “smarts” of Digit’s auto-budgeting and bill management experiences
• 2+ years as a dedicated backend engineer with experience at scale
• You have broad experience building backend services on cloud infrastructure
• You get unusually excited about distributed systems and scalable design
• You have a good understanding of operating systems and computer networking
• You are proficient in a handful of different programming languages and truly experienced in at least one concurrent programming framework
• You're excited about building the tools and services that compose the backbone of our company
• Experience with the US financial system, specifically money movement
• Experience building and deploying feature pipelines and machine learning models (machine learning experience is not required for this role

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