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Senior Trust and Safety Vendor Program Manager


Omaha, NE

United States



Date Posted:

Feb 25, 2022


Skills and experience you possess: Experience working with external vendors, preferably in the Trust & Safety area

Experience working with Content Moderation teams

Proficiency with some or all of these technologies: Slack, Asana, Atlassian/Jira, Tableau, Mode

Alternatively, you are comfortable with rapidly learning about these and other new technologies, and can train others on how to use them

Proficiency in Excel and some understanding of SQL coding

Excellent problem solving, analytical, and presentation skills, with an exceptional ability to multitask and prioritize

Impressive organization skills with the ability to influence others around you Ability to distill complex issues into structured frameworks and concrete action plans

Strong business acumen with the ability to translate between strategic business decisions and their operational implications

Team player and a fast learner

Extremely comfortable with dealing/ responding to several stakeholders at the same time Projects you may work on: Scale Trust & Safety Vendor Program What you will have the chance to learn: How the creator economy is shaping the future!

Be extremely caring and extremely direct in all you do at Patreon, especially when it comes to giving positive and constructive feedback

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