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Product Policy Manager, Content Classification - Trust & Safety


Mountain View, CA

United States



Date Posted:

Jul 20, 2022


• 4+ years experience in fields that consider the age-appropriateness of content, such as Maturity Ratings, Content Classification, Standards & Practices, Content Compliance, etc
• Experience allocating age ratings to content (e.g., the ESRB's gaming ratings, the MPA film ratings, or an international equivalent)
• A strong understanding of the differences in stages of human development (e.g., Children, Adolescents, and Adults) or audience appeal (e.g., Kids, Teens, Families, and Adults)
• An understanding for how to write policies or design measures that will be adopted with a high level of moderator consistency
• Excellent communication skills and an ability to educate a wide variety of business stakeholders including Content Creative, Product Policy, Engineering, Public Policy, Legal, Communications, and Data Science on the nuances of maturity ratings
• Comfort communicating with Creative Executives and Content Developers on the nuances of mature themes in content and how they affect maturity ratings
• Zero fear of, and an enthusiasm for learning new tools, backend structures, and unique product features
• Fluency in Spanish and / or Portuguese
• Experience working with machine learning models or other metadata processes that scale content curation

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