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Machine Learning Engineer, Trust and Safety


Seattle, WA

United States



Date Posted:

Mar 24, 2022


• 2+ years of professional experience in designing, analyzing and deploying Machine Learning and data pipelines
• Proven track record of writing good quality, well-documented, well-tested, and scalable code
• Solid understanding of data transformations and analytics functions using tools and languages like Spark, SQL, Pandas, etc
• Knowledge of common families of models, feature engineering, and feature selection
• Good understanding of ML project lifecycle and associated challenges at each stage of development
• Able to scope and plan projects with realistic estimation of timelines
• Ability to partner with the data engineering and business teams to run workflows, design requirements, and establish project roadmaps
• Excellent communication skills and ability to collaborate with other engineers, data scientists, and product/business partners
• BS in Math, Computer Science, Statistics, Engineering, Economics or related field

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