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Data Scientist, Trust & Safety - Operations

Roblox - 4.2

San Mateo, CA

United States



Date Posted:

Jun 28, 2022


• Someone who takes play seriously, but also isn't afraid to have some fun either
• Someone who's ready to take Roblox--and their career--to the next level
• Highly self-driven
• You are perpetually curious and consistently strive to improve your skills by learning the latest modeling techniques and data tools
• You thrive with freedom and autonomy and are excited by the ambiguity that comes from exploring a new problem space
• A strong communicator
• You understand that analysis must be presented in meaningful ways and engage in spirited discussions about the findings
• You have the ability to explain technical concepts to non-technical audiences and discuss appropriate tradeoffs
• You find great satisfaction in being able to point to direct contributions you've made to an organization
• You recognize the inherent tradeoffs between further research/experimentation and productionization apply the appropriate methodology to maximize impact in a pragmatic fashion
• An expert transforming data with SQL and a scripting language such as Python or R
• You're experienced in automating efforts and crunching massive volumes of data in distributed systems using frameworks such as Spark, Hadoop or Flink
• Experienced in optimization of large systems
• You understand how to design metrics that represent the fundamental goals and constraints of the business and can design approaches to effectively trade off between countervailing factors to design more globally optimal processes
• years of industry experience in data science and/or operations research 2
• years of experience using big data query/processing languages such as SQL, Hive or Spark to transform/manipulate very large datasets 2
• MS or PhD in Operations Research, Computer Science, Applied Math, Physics, Engineering, Statistics, Economics or other technical field 2
• years of experience in fast-paced environment or fast growing company, such as the tech sector Demonstrated ability to lead or build project areas from scratch as an individual contributor Demonstrated impact in operations optimization

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