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Cross-Issue Policy Lead, Americas - Trust & Safety


Mountain View, CA

United States



Date Posted:

Jul 12, 2022


• 6+ years working in Political Science, Law, International Affairs, Technology Policy, Digital Anthropology, or other fields with a focus on themes related to T&S issues
• Experience managing people or projects with a high level of productivity and team harmony
• Demonstrated track record for policy development and project management including complex cross-functional collaboration, and strategic execution
• A solutions mindset to regularly assess team productivity and develop strategic roadmaps to best leverage team skillsets, topic expertise, or diverse perspectives required to bolster policy effectiveness
• Experience contributing to one or more of our core T&S subject matter areas (Harassment & Bullying, Violent and Graphic Content, Violent Extremism, etc.). Demonstrated commitment to connectivity and team morale-building
• A can-do and positive attitude that is channeled towards to continuous improvement
• Experience in policy development in the public sector
• Experience working in non-Western cultures, or knowledge of variations in culture and values across diverse populations

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