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Advisor, Guest Trust and Safety (Remote)


United States

United States



Date Posted:

Aug 17, 2022


• 3+ years of experience in the following type of environments:
• Ambiguous, complex, and quick-changing where you had to use your high level of resiliency to thrive under pressure
• Where you had to communicate effectively with emotionally compromised stakeholders while remaining balanced under pressure
• Where you had to use of strength of judgment, temperance in actions, goodwill towards others, and courage to take on vulnerable situations
• Where you had to establish and maintain command over situations as they develop, and act quickly with reasonable and effective decisions
• Customer service role where you had to use your strong written and verbal communication skills
• You are able to work with a diverse group of stakeholders, using your strong organizational skills and attention to detail to achieve objectives and alignment
• You have strong communication skills — both verbal and written — with an understanding that the words we use (and don’t use) matter
• You are able to act with conviction to advise others on best performance practices
• Your self-awareness is off the charts, with your understanding of your emotions and how they impact others (and your ability to adapt to best support others in fluid situations)
• You have an ability to manage several tasks at once without pause, as well as identify and balance top priorities
• You have strong mediation and negotiation skills, with the ability to partner with key stakeholders on complex solutions and strategies to develop trust
• You have a growth-mindset (seeking and thriving on challenges) is required

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