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For those who spent years protecting and defending others, you realize how hard it can be to find a place in the private sector that has the same mission, focus, and opportunities that also pays well and allows you to spend time with your family. 


While it's almost impossible to recreate the comeraderie and mission of your work in the intelligence, law enforcement, and government sectors, you'll find that Trust & Safety careers offer a phenomenal mission with Tech salaries and family stability that you didn't realize existed.

In Trust & Safety, you'll still be battling many of the same bad actors you did in government, trying to stay one step ahead of and disrupting terrorists, hate groups, nation states seeking to harm people, pedophiles and more. 

You already have all the necessary skills to contribute to this work from Day 1. Most of us from the government background haven't ever heard of Trust & Safety so getting a foot in the door can be tough but this whole site is designed to help you get the career you deserve and that still provides some type of meaning.

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